Rift of Existence: Unexpected Beginnings

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

The first in the 'Rift of Existence' timeline so far. Way before the rest of the story, but still important.

Into the Depths of Hell, My Cat Led Me (updated: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

Back in high school, we read Dante's Inferno. And then wrote our own Hell Paper. Hehehehe. kailing-.NOSPAM.-@davidbowie.com

The Tyrant's Guide to the Family

Elizabeth Hills

A How-To guide to the family for tyrants, covering all those special problems normal guides forget to mention. This guide owes a certain debt to Peter’s Evil Overlord page, which can be found at www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html.


Alexander Damien

One day last year I had an idea for a story. I gave it the name Descent and wrote down as much as I could, planning to develop it further later. But then I lost the file and had to do it all again from memory. The series that came off it were called CHARRIOT. The first book is The Fallen Sky (in revision right now) and the second one is So That I Don't Dissappear (being outlined now). But just a few days ago I found this little piece and was awed at how I hadn't deviated all that much from the original idea. The names are all different on the books, but I decided to not change anything from this piece.

How to Become a Princess

Emily Grist

A guide to becoming a pretty, spoiled rotten princess.

Rift of Existence: Mercy’s Consequences

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

Another RoE piece. Happens after 'Unexpected Beginnings' yet way before the story in the works. Just a very important part of her life.

A Simple Guide To Saving The Day

Jessica Warner

WARNING: EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF RANDOM TO FOLLOW! They keep making all the same mistakes in generic fantasy. I'm sure if you or I got sucked into a fantasy story it would all be over much quicker without half so much fuss. So I propose that we post this list into some fantasy story that needs it, for the heroes perusal. EDIT: This is the commenter's favourite by far, going on numbers! In light of this I'm working on a volume II - all suggestions welcome, I'll even credit you if I'm feeling nice.

Chapter 7: Notes from a Lyre

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

After the destruction of Merchant's Village, Tarna, Ganny, Jahna, and Eryn spend a night in the forest, where they discover a secret the forest has held dear for 17 years...


Juvela Obi

Have you ever read a story, and became so immersed in the events--the experiences--within that story, that you totally checked out of your life? You don't notice your surroundings, you forget who you are, and you just become so involved with the story, it's like you've taken on the persona of the main character. You may even find your self silently (or not so silently) advising that character.I do that all the time. And I swear, sometimes the character responds to me. Not directly, but just enough that I notice. I'll be sitting there, virtually screaming that something is a trap, and then "MC suddenly stops. 'I don't know why, but this just feels like a trap to me...' she says." Or I won't notice anything immediately, but I'll re-read it later, and find that the story has changed slightly. Am I the only one?No, I don't think so. I think some of us are just special that way; we have some sort of magical power or gift that allows us to travel through time and back, from world to world, and mind to mind. We live purely to guide the beings that aren't even aware of our existense, and yet they depend on us to continue their existence.

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 6

Jessica Cannon

Padpaw and Arthur reach Mirawen to buy her freedom. However, Tor has beaten them to Lord Mark and has twisted the truth, telling his own version of the tale.

Common Misconceptions

Lauren Christine

I took a break from 'Of Players and Poets' because i had this idea of this little thought here when i heard the radio advertizing some sweepstakes and they had what they were calling an 'elf' talking with this high and squeaky voice and i winced and i thought that... Well, read this and you'll hear what i thought. ^_^

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 2: A Journey Begins.


This is Chapter 2 of my story, (i seem to be pointing out the obvious alot) anyway, enjoy.

Coming of Age

Erick Emert

Ahllie was eight at the time - in the manner in which one would count the journeys of the sun. For half her life she had anticipated this event. This night she would be leaving her parent's Rirchet Cordstead and movining into her own Cordstead with her Lobot brothers and sisters. This ceremony was the single most identifying moment in the life of a Vigroth child. Lobot Cord had spent the past six years growing and learning. During that time they acquired the incredible focus of 'Rock' and the powerful DeepChat skills of Gibwa Rach, learned through 'Mirror'. Even at this age they continued their training as they mastered the Vigroth skills used in attack and defense through such games as 'Seek,' 'Go-Find,' and 'Sprawl.' Since childhood they ate, swam, shot bow, wrestled, played, ran, laughed, cried, and learned together as they experienced each other in ways it would be hard for OutSiders like us to understand. Yet by shinedown each day they were back in their parents Cordstead so they could watch the examples of their elders and thus remove any doubt as to the value of the Vigroth ways. We need not go into the preparations, their dress, nor the background of the ceremony. Ahllie shall simply sing it for you in her own words, exactly as she sang it that night. (This poem was published by Fantasy, Folklore, & Fairytales)


Lydia G. Richardson

This is a poem that is related to Different Soil, but is ambiguous enough to apply to many things.

The Beginners Guide

Hannah Smith

The handy pocket sized edition of The Beginners Guide to the Undead, written and published by Sir Bloggs.


Michael Juli

Don't Ask, I have no idea what the tittle means.

Book of Antiqua ch. 1 and 2

Danielle Staab

Under a bookshelf was an outline of something. Something like a trap door.....

Familiars-Chapter 2

Elisabeth Jones

Now they're off and we're out of the school. It includes the chat that the girls made up themselves and a bit of mystery. Judge for yourself.