TWW 1 - Time countings

Christoffer Mattsson

Ok, this story is all about the bad guys - or mostly anyway - so it gets pretty weird, or perhaps unpleasant is a better word, at times. But I'm no lunatic or anything, just wanted to clear that out from the beginning. Have fun

For King and Country - Prologue

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The very first thing I ever wrote on For King and Country. Opening scene showing the bad guys, and their nefarious plotting ; ) I've read and corrected this chapter so many times, I can't see the errors/weak points any more, so constructive help on that will be much appreciated.

Everyday Is A Lie

Emma Ådahl

Simply about two boys, Chris and John, who enter a world not yet fully known by the whole world... A world of fantasy of course! Which only so many of ever found...

Transition ~part one~

Jacki Austin

This is now Transitions part one and part two combined. I have also edited it some as well.

The Xenomorph Experiment 1

Jason Romein

The first part of my first real success in science fiction, and for that matter, my first true story with a beginning, middle, and end (that exceeded ten pages). This is also the second writing of this one, and is far superior to the first (which was on lined paper)

Same Old

G. 'Kat' Bird

This isn't finished yet, no. No! How could it be?! So dun even THINK it. -pokes.- It's just chapter one and two, and even those are relatively short, 'cause I worked on them in two separate places, so there. Hrmph!

El Diablo

Alice Raven

In memory of El Diablo... the most adorable li'l bunny that ever lived. And it means I.N M.E.M.O.R.Y O.F H.I.M. Not influenced by him... El Diablo is not a massive bunny with athletic skills, he's a half-demon mortal with kick-ass weapons. I just had this idea, and El Diablo the bunny had recently died, so I decided to name the character after him, and so the chara has white hair like the bunny had... and one eye like the bunny had... there the resemblances fade... So it is a normal story, stop asking me where the bunny influences come from! *chuckles darkly* please, read on.... And also for Laura, in light of her being up on elfwood. You can find her amazing art here

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?

Man's Night Out

Valerie Cook

Hyouten goes to the Tavern with his Cruel Big brother Akushin and his friend Leo for a non-stop time of laughing~!

For King and Country - Chapter 2

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The second chapter were the plans of the evil Gardtians are set into motion, and the Alliance Citadel Gardeth Noreth is attacked by the Vicious Nrayeth - Half-dead soldiers of Vornengardt.

Every Day Is A Lie 2

Emma Ådahl

John and Chris have now entered this 'new' world. What are they gonna find?

The Adventures of Tony

James Yee

This is the backstory for one of my favorite Role Playing characters. It is also an introduction to the biggest fantasy/sci-fi world I've created to date. There should be plenty more to come, this is just a teaser!

Fairyland Support Group

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

AKA Psychobabble, the story of complete and utter nonsense. I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if i took all of the charectors, or more specifically, the 'bad guys' from my stories and put them all in a support group to 're-habilitate' themselves. It turned out... very interesting. And as a rather interesting note, the charector Ryker doesn't exist. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to inform hin of this, and he's kind of taken over. Ah well.

Battle of the Brave

Nicolei Arnold

When all hope is lost, who is to claim victory?

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter: Chapter Two

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Em finally makes the decision to marry Raj, the man her uncle has picked out for her. On the day of her wedding, however, Em's village is attacked by Bella's evil band, who want something Em has....

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter One

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Our heroine, Emerentiana, is being forced into an arranged marriage to a man she does not love. Meanwhile, danger rides swiftly on its way towards her peaceful village.


Christoffer Mattsson

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Four

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

With her newfound allies, old Faraci and the handsome and enigmatic MacGowan, Em sets out to rescue her people and unravel the mysteries of the Ring of Amaar... And meanwhile...the evil Dolabella is catching up to them.


Christoffer Mattsson

TWW 5 - Chapter 1

Christoffer Mattsson

This chapter is a bit off line with the newer ones in some ways, so this chapter will be rewritten to some extent.