Delyth Williams

This is a haiku I wrote about one of my characters, an elven fighter/archer, for a contest on a site I played her at. It came joint first :o) (long story how she got to have the same name as me ;p)

The Winter Queen

Helen Raine

This is just a poem I wrote at christmas last year about the winter faery who brings the snow, or perhaps she's a winter goddess? Poems aren't my thing lol, but i do like the first verse.


Lena LeRay

Celestial Bodies

Nathyun Schnebbe

Random haikus came to mind while driving at night.

Magical Haiku

Molly ~AnthyLorrel~ Barist

I had the urge to write something short... So I wrote a haiku. Its about magic. *shrugs*

Mel's Haiku

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

No, I wrote them, not Melissa. I wrote these when I was thinking about a letter I had been writing her which I lost. She likes dragons a lot, by the way. We won't go into further details here. I should probably email her to check this new stuff out, huh?

Alchemical Haiku

Vicki Nemeth

I'm worried that an explanation ruins a haiku, so read the poem before you read this.  Go on.---Okay?  Have you read the poem first?  Now you're allowed to read my winded shpiel.While studying Unicorns in the Man, Myth, and Magic encyclopedia, I came across the idea that alchemists would look for Hermes in the form of a unicorn to herald their success.  The article linked Hermes to the unicorn's androgynity (having a female body but a male horn).  After all, the appearance of Hermes during a successful experiment would mean being transformed into a being of spiritual "gold" without any bodily or social limits. This is my try at what an alchemist might say before being whisked off to perfection. It's from early 2009, by the way.

Random Haiku

Chelsea Schetzle

Ok, so I got on a kick... :) Some are better than others...

Myth is Immortal

Joel Robson


The Nymph

Chadd Las Casas

A haiku about the mythical and beautiful Nymph.


Rachel Hassett

This is the first of many poems written from Avalon's perspective; she has lots of really vivid memories of her home (in Faerie, on the island of Avalon--that's where she got the name, obviously), and they make for equally vivid imagery, I think.


Kim Schoonover

Someone should give it a hug.

Pegasus Haiku

Sihe Lioz

A series of Haikus (japanese poem where the syllables go 5,7,5) about a pegasus.

TCLN Haiku

Krista Williams

Sometimes when my dear friend Cardboard Hut (AKA Glo 'The Bug' Bowden, whose permission I have to post) is writing, she is in need of inspiration. That's when I write random poetry. Lately it has come in the form of Haiku. Enjoy! OH! DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ UP TO PART XII IN HUT'S STORY!!! Otherwise I would feel a great pang of guilt and not be able to forgive myself for not sufficiently warning you!!!

Bedtimes Stories, Part One

Nadia Rundlett

I wrote two poems around Christmas time last year that consisted of strings of haikus- fairy tales that never existed, and I'm very fond of them. This is the first of two and was featured in the same portfolio as 'The Ways of Old Magic.' Its sister story became a bedtime story and great use of page space in 'Local Legends.'

Haiku Haiku!

Margaret Robinson

:D Yeah. *-* I like haiku's

Shadow Wolves

Michael Viar

Eh...its a haiku...at least, that's what it was supposed to be. Written for sophmore english class during poetry month last year. Any comments?

Haiku: Bloodlust

LindaMarie Straw

Another haiku, this one on my more customary field, vampires.

The Greater Undead

Yasa Nihari

Mmmmmm. Roadkill. XP But in Soviet Russia, roadkill eat hobos! Sorry, couldn't resist. 2007


Johann Greffrath

A few haiku's; each one is a separate little poem.