Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.

Paradise In Flowers Bloom, Part II

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

Walking through the rain one destined day, Ronin comes upon startling discoveries. Whispers in the wet streets of the mysterious city of Windrow brings a new meaning to 'Are you afraid of the dark?'

Chapter 2- The Little Girl

Brienna Critchfield

Chapter 2 is a whole different section then the first chapter. This one is about a girl named Morgan..and I don't want to spoil the rest..

Ch 8 - Big Red

Dave Steele

Clara meets Serena (Big Red) the swordswoman, and a close friend of the Enchanter's circle.


Jason Romein

This is a story which features one of my characters who goes by the name of Ross de la Kerr. I'll let the story describe him for you.

Wisper in the Woods (2)

Jessica Johnston

The sequel to Wisper in the Woods. Now, he starts his journy, with a companion noonetheless.

The Changed: Prologue

Michael Ballmann

The prologue to my current story: The Changed.

Burn the Witch

Emma Cuddy

This is a poem about a witch who is captured by a mob who try to burn her alive. This is for someone who is set in the belief that all witches are evil. No names, but she knows who she is......I hope you will read this poem and take note, Mellon-nîn !


Brittany Lamb

Eh.. I can't say I'm too proud of this one. Trust me, it gets better, I just haven't got around to typing up the rest of it, yet. That's pretty much just the backround for it. So please be gentle, I know it's bad. x.x

Through the Windows of His Eyes

Stephanie Maynard

Well,yet another Morta Drakon instalment. For those wondering, this takes place shortly after 'Serpent's Lethel Kiss' and a few weeks before 'Demoness' Song' It's actully thanks to two lines in this poem that this poem series ever got started. Those to lines added with my character Morta, and presto! Morta had become my muse. The entire Morta collection was me trying to put those two lines into a completed poem. Funny old world ;) Hmmm, I just realized I need to give this beautiful angel of Morta's a name. Ideas anyone?


Stephanie Boothby

Origanally inspired by the breathtaking waterfalls i got to see while in Iceland, I used personification to create a poem with two meanings. I read it aloud to my poetry club without telling them the title, and no one had any idea that it was connected to waterfalls. When you read this, keep in mind a picture of a waterfall and also try to understand what the poems also says...


Josephine Broshears

In the bouts of insanity some of us walk. This man walks upon the edge of saneness, and the raft of drowning. Blind to his own insanity.

Black Prophices

Stephanie Less

Just the prophice for the story Black. It is also a song sung by bards in Elven.

Ch 7 - Kidnapped!

Dave Steele

Think things were bad with being enslaved? Now Clara gets kidnapped by the enchanter circle!

Keelyn, Part I

Carly Williams

I started this as just something to pick up and work on when I had a few spare minutes but I've become quite fond of Keelyn, Phillip, and Andrew. It is not finished and may never be. I just keeping adding more and more to it.

Daughter's Magic

Mariposa Gollery

 So there are all these things where the kid can do magic and goes off to have all these adventures. Sometimes the parents find out and sometimes they don't. Well what about the parents? And can they do the same things their children can? Just something random that came out on Word. I was going to make it longer, but I didn't. 


Siobhan Harvey

This is the first part of a story about Sebastien, recently created 'human being.' This story also ties in with the same universe/characters as Time and Its Own Small Revenge and Gizza though this particular one is most likely going to be somewhat longer than the other two. A character sketch of Sebastien can be found here

Tivona (Chapter One)

Crystal Dawn

A story about a woman tortured by dreams, who must save herself before one that would devour her soul destroys her .. first she must decide who are her enemies, and who are her friends. (90% of this is actually DIRECTLY from a solo I've been working on in the rp chat room I go to .. that's why it might seem a little odd .. I only wrote about one paragraph a day, and so each one is inspired by different thoughts and emotions ..)

The Temple Under Fire - 1. The Beginning

Aida Vicens

This is the beginning of a short story I wrote many years ago, when I was about 14 (so sorry if there are many mistakes, Y tried to correct them all but I probably haven't succeded).

The Sorceress of FyreThorne

Caryn Thyria Riley

Lania is an outcast of her society. She grew up with foster parents, lives on her own, and works at a tavern called Ythorial. Many new things have happened lately...dreams and mysterious strangers who feel the need to seek her out...and an annoying elf prince... oO;;