Frozen Windows II

Meghan (Apocalypse)

In a few words...the second chapter

Edmund and Elora Intro

Charles Clay

Though I usually hate cliches, such as making my first halfling a thief, you've got to give me some credit for the other half of this little duo.


Isabelle L Davis

After battling the evil harpy queen, the Daemonslayers make an overnight stopoff that soon turns to disaster when it transpires the cantankerous cursed dragon Blackjack has not been entirely straight with his lycanthrope companions Shade and Soul. A tale of secrets, alcohol and unsavoury characters.

Second Chronicle: This is my journal, the thoughts of Arina, Half elf

Oana Taylor

Chronicle two, take a look

Kivad, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

The raid that started it all. The Kivad novel is a 'quasi-completed' series of Everquest fanfiction that I have forever put on hold for two reasons. One, the story had no plan... I simply sat down, and wrote without any idea where it was going, which works for some people, but I wound up with a long story without much of a plot. For some stories, it works, but I just didn't feel much was accomplished. The second reason is following a 'dark elf child' through birth (while in this case, it does have the interesting 'half-dark elf' deal) is a concept that was already covered by R.A. Salvatore, and I felt that reguardless on what additional twists I put on this story, the main character would have come out exactly like Drizzt. But anyway, I am working on bigger and better things and will post the Kivad series up for critique and inspection. Heck, who knows, maybe someone will like it. :-)

Kivad, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The following aftermath after the Chapter 1 Raid


Simon Pettersson

The next chapter in the semi-coherent story of the elf and human lovers. This is their son. The mother decided to kill herself when the father died of old age, leaving the child alone in a hostile world. This is probably my favourite so far. I think of it, not as a poem, but as a monologue. Think of one person standing in the middle of a stage, to his right, the humans and to his left, the elves. I don't know why I think of it like this, but I think this kind of performance would do it more justice. Some lines would be shouted ('I’m one whole creature, not two halves attached!') and some would be said with a sorrowfilled voice ('Then should I hide myself in loathe and shame?'). *Shrugs* Whatever. Make of it what you will. Somewhere, deep down, there might be a message about racism in this piece.


Colleen Sweeney

This is a section of the book that I'm writing so it may not make total sence... but I would like your imput. If you have any suggestions or ANYTHING I would love your thoughts!!! I am also looking for an editor... *hint hint* so if you are interested then drop me an e-mail... I'd love to edit anyone's work in exchange:)

We Don't Use that Word in this House

Lance Greenlee

 We don’t use that word in this house. It isn’t polite. And besides, they’ll know this evening when they connect to our brains. 

Twilight's Child

Fi MacNaughton

A song about a dhampir...

Lone Rider

Fi MacNaughton

The hopefully-creepy sequel to 'Twilight's Child'...

Cursed with life

Annah Wahlstrom

Being a human can be tricky at best. Imagine what it would be like to be half human/half vampire!

Dagora Khelian - Chapter 2

Andrea Smith

If you're coming here from someplace other than the previous chapter, I suggest you go and read chapter one. Otherwise, it'll be quite confusing indeed. The plot thickens here, and beware the end! Hope you enjoy.

Ori and the Second Mate

Marianne Cassidy

Since so many people found Ori and the Water Sprites funny, I have produced a nice angsty piece to balance it out. Ori is now on a ship. Hooray! This is the edited version, all comments and constructive criticism welcome!

Fifth Chronicle: This is my journal, the thoughts of Arina, Half elf

Oana Taylor

Chronicle five, take a look

Sixth Chronicle: This is my journal, the thoughts of Arina, Half elf

Oana Taylor

Chronicle six, take a look


J.M. Avery

The title, I suppose, has no meaning at this point but I swear that it will. This is a story about a faery girl and various other characters. I began writing this story quite some time ago, was NOT at all satisfied with it and began to rewrite it one night in May. I will upload newer versions from time to time.

Kivad Chapter 4

Matthew Harvey

The other humans disapprove of a dark elf baby

Kivad, Chapter 8 (or stand alone, Salia's Mission)

Matthew Harvey

So, what ever happened to the mission Gehlfein paid Salia for in Chapter 3? Well, here is the answer. (Big ups to J.K. Rowling as well... Terri, Roddy and Gwen in this chapters are minor take offs of Harry, Ron and Hermione... I could not resist. heh)

Kivad, Chapter 7

Matthew Harvey

Calin grows to be a rebelious 5 year old... only to find that the world is a cruel place to a half-drow