Dewi Morgan

I've no idea when I wrote this one. Sometime in University? It was for a character background for a Dark Sun game. Strange that two of my stories up here are for thief characters: I almost never play them. A fairly naff one, I'm afraid (lots of 'tell' and no 'show') so this one will probably be one of the first to be removed if I ever hit my max number of stories.

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 6: The Archers Alone Part I

N. Henry

Joined now by stoic Dwarf-Captain Dirk, all that stands between the League and their allies and the Human Capital of Acissej is enigmatic Nreyon Forest, Barbara's ancestral homeland and home now to a King driven mad...

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 2: Something's Rotten in the City of Damarask

N. Henry

The League, pursued by a Goblin force, attempts to seek sanctuary in the Wizard-City of Damarask, a City that their Wizard, Taiko, was exiled from many years before

League Reunited Prologue

N. Henry

A preview of the upcoming sequel to immensely successful 'The League of the Second-Best,' and a look into the past of one of everyone's favorite characters...

League Reunited, Chapter 3: Inside Information

N. Henry

Equipped now with the Gifts of the Mighty, the League makes their way to the origin of the spectacular map that led them on their great quest in the first place, the legendary city of Amphiroth and it's patron, Lady Zaren.

Ranger, Prologue: Reason and Passion

N. Henry

The much asked-for origins of Etheria's greatest hero, Nathanael of Wildrem Wood, chronicled for the first time in an epic tale centuries in the making!

Origins of the Sensational Six

N. Henry

Long before the League of the Second-Best, there was the Sensational Six...

The Adventures of the Sensational Six: Strange Alliances

N. Henry

The Sensational Six, working for the famed Mercenaries' Guild, answers a call from the civil war-torn city of Hagen-Drä, the only place where valuable Magemetal ore can be mined! How will the Sensational Six face this new threat? Find out!

Ranger, Chapter 1: Marked, Part 1

N. Henry

Nathanael of Wildrem Wood, under Desirae Dryad's care, grows into a capable young warrior with the Grace and protection of the Forest to guide him. When the Rangers come to claim him, will he be able to leave his beloved home and mother behind?

Misadventures Three: Darkness

Pamela Lehmann

After Book Two: Lies, we now return to Tulomon Willenello the Elf and Iggle Miffkins the Ipah (halfling). This story picks up from the goat (last line of Book One) and adventure that followed...

The Labyrinth (pt 2)

Joe Arenal

Flick and Zander continue their way down into the depths of the mountain

Edmund and Elora Intro

Charles Clay

Though I usually hate cliches, such as making my first halfling a thief, you've got to give me some credit for the other half of this little duo.

Door of the Ancients - Chapter Three

Andrew Rice

Chapter Three of the novel. It's short. It's meant to set up the next chapter for a load of information and a sweet battle scene ;)

The Half-dwarf

Charles Lazaroo

Just an idea I had...........

The Growing Threat, Part 5: Chapters 13-14 (final)

Matt Jones

the last chapters!

The Growing Threat, Part 4: Chapters 10-12

Matt Jones

Part five of a story about friendship, love, and the triumph of good over evil

Once Upon an Instance

Teresa Vogtman

A short story told by the extremely verbose halfling Hafkwort of Marishmar (Yeah, I know, it's a terrible pun of a name). It is about the first time she met her good friend an 8 foot tall gnome named Rauglamar. And yes, I know that 8 feet is gargantuan for a gnome. Anyway, enjoy!

Seven times Seven

Christel Chancy

Poem of a Sidhe halfling, who pits her small magics against the sea for love.

Ed & El: Prodigal

Charles Clay

Another story about Edmund and Elora. I don't really know what you people want me to say. Read, enjoy, comment, rinse, repeat. Oh, and before somebody calls me on this, the title is not 'Prodigal' because Edmund is going away with the intention to return one day. That is not the definition of the word. The title comes from the fact that he, like the son in the parable, is taking and spending his inheritance in a short period of time. Prodigal. Look it up, and keep the English language coherent. Because The More You Know, the Less You Sound Like a Jackass (TM)

Ed & El: All That Glitters

Charles Clay

I know that, on a third or fourth reading, I'll probably regret posting this story in its current form. But right now, I really don't care. I've been writing furiously for the past four hours, and if I don't post it within the next twenty minutes or so, I won't get another opportunity for several days, and that would be a shame. Anyway, welcome to Edmund and Elora's first real story. I seem to be all out of words now, so just tell me what you think.