Miss Hashby

Janelle Whitehead

Immogene Hashby is to find a suiter, Charlie is a lifelong friend that loves her too much to realize it, and even if he did figure it out, he'd have the competition of elves, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. Please help me finish this! ...Or just push me to finish it. Thanks!


Iwan Dek

the hand of death is never soft

Bite Chapter 11

Amory Koch

Got it out... a little short, but very packed. And I now know where I am going! Yay. The end is in sight, then all I'll have to do is major surgury on it and possibly some character restructions and a couple re-writes. *sob*

Faeries of the Night

R.E. Kankaanpää

Written a while ago. I dislike the clichéd ending. Don't expect a change, because I'm gonna need a helluvan inspiration for that.

The Writer's Hand

Stacy Goll

A poem of writing.

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe


Eva Golden

A revised story of a man who finally admitts to his crimes and damn to live a life of torture

Out of Body and Mind

Eva Golden

A story about a girl who is into the Out-of-body experience. SHe's just playing around with her friend Malkuth when then she finds out he has feelings for her

Dark Angel

Esther Wetzel

A very short poem I wrote in the late '90s. I didn't write a lot of poems or short stories. But this one is one I really like! Maybe because of the dark tune with that tiny light of a yet hidden hope.

Shards of Shadows: Part One-Chapter 2

Tiffany Bostelman

Chapter Two introduces us to a new council member and friend of Talos Silverleaf. The hunt seems to be going quite well until some uninvited guests crash it. An outsider has come to Denriven, what will it mean for the island?

The Light

Janelle Whitehead

This is SUCH a cheesy title - give me a new one! This story was inspired by the word, 'incentive', read in the book collection 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' by Lemony Snicket.

Out of Body and Mind

Eva Golden

A girl who finds a world of angels in her own mind and brings him out into the real world

The Fight

Tate Have A Cool Nickname' James

Umm, this is another part of my big story I am 'writing'...i havent written anything on it in the longest time, but I thought I'd let you all read the fight scene....this happens before the dream part, tell me what ya think...

Shards of Shadows: Part One-Chapter 1

Tiffany Bostelman

The story begins as a flashback to before Rianna Dragonbaine was born. It deals with her mother. In this chapter the queen has planned a hunt and her favorite hand maiden and high council member seem to have plans of their own.

The Otherking - Chapter One

Abigail Scott

Welcome to my new world! I'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting for so long for any kind of writing from me, but I hope you all enjoy this new story. This is mostly an introduction chapter to meet some of my characters: Danir, Evaleena, and Malora. I hope you fall in love with them as quickly as I did. Enjoy!

The Hairy Hand

Amy Schley

Continuing with my law theme, this is a retelling of one of the most famous law cases in contract law: Hawkins v. McGee aka 'The Hairy Hand case.' With a name like that, shouldn't werewolves be involved somehow? The quotes about whether or not a contract was formed are actually from the real case. (Which under copyright law are in the public domain.)

Susan Starlight - Part One

Beth Smith Madden

This is a story mixing sorcerer like magic and pirates, two of my unhealthy obsessions. I actually had this story as a dream, but much simpler, and using already made characters from a TV show I like. I took it and modifyed it the best I could, getting rid of those characters and supplying my own.

Take in thy hand

Anna Holm