Chelsea Doop

this is one of the few poems that i've written. its a poem about a ghost woman recounting centuries in a void because of a sacrifice she made... just read it. you'll find out.

Happiness and Raspberry Scones

Martha Cundiff

This is a cute little peice of prose I wrote to show my creative writing teacher that yes, I can develop plot. It's aimed for children, but yet again, it's an allegory. Is there anything else a story can be besides an allegory? I think not.

A Long Time Before

Cathin Yang

A long time ago on a planet not so far away, there was peace and happiness. Course, that stuff never stays long and this is what happens...

Bite Chapter 9

Amory Koch

Woohoo! A battle to the death! And the return of everyone's favorite six-legged dog. Longer because it just turned out that way. And finally, caught up to where I've written (approximately). So perhaps more mistakes for I have not edited this as extensively. Please review! *puppy eyes*

Morning Dew

Alicia Reese

Just a poem about two people who love one another, the narrator is my elven character Tulnea

Ode to Elfwood

Rhonda Seiter

yeah, yeah - goofy title. but this is my tribute and decription of this place we all call home...

Autumn Wind Dancer

The Autumn Wind Dancer's side of the story.See "Scarecrow".9th.

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

Brianne Hughes

In this part of the story, you are introduced to the main character and her family. You are also given hints of the world she lives in and what her magical powers may be. Comments and Critiques highly encouraged- an ongoing project... will take a while to finish but I need all the help I can get :D

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Krista Williams

Yet again, more randomness is poured upon my page. This was a result of having a lovely rendition of a song that this infamous poem is set to stuck in my head. Suddenly, I pictured Swell Well (from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes walking around at Christmastime with a big, red bow around his neck, and possibly some mistletoe handy. The characters are from the story, and I have her permission to post this. Madison 'Callisto' VanDenBerghe gave some editing suggestions, which were excellent. The original poem was written by Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863). Enjoy! Spoiler WARNING: If you've not yet read TCLN for yourself, this contains spoilers. Don't do it!!! Go and read the story first!!! )

Personal Angel

John Ingebrigtsen

A man admiring the love of his life whilst she slumbers.

Ian's Fate

Nikos Mouchtaris

A young bard finds it hard to continue sing for life, joy and happiness when even he does not possess those two in his life.

Witch and the Drow

Sherry Dowdle

A work in progress... The witch (modern pagan) wonders all her life if there is a reason why the man she is drawn to, the one she loves is only a mere story in a book she read somewhere. Is there a way, is it possible that maybe he really did or does exist? How is it that so many writers write so many tales, and so many places contain myths about things that match other writers or myths over time and throughout history? She knows in her heart and spirit that there are other planes of existence. Is it a memory of time long past, or do these planes still coexist with our own? She moves herself out into the woods, much like the stories of the ancient druids or witches in medieval times, who left humanity for safety and solitude. She devotes much of her life to studying this mystery, and practicing the ways of her beliefs. She stumbles upon a way of eternity, purely by accident, now not only is she in her self induced solitude, and without the love she has spent her nights alone with in dreams, but now she is alone for all eternity. She discovers a way, through astral projection to find a path to him, the man she knows must exist somewhere, somehow, rather then through an image she has created in her mind, in a past long since gone, or another plane of existence. Now she has come to him, in dreams for many months, to find he is very real, very alone and very aware of her and wanting her as much as she wants him. Will he come through to her world to be with her? Can he accept the sacrifices he must make to be, at last, with someone, to be with her.....


Karissa Gussman

A poem about a man or a woman giving up their life on a quest for peace.

Birth Day

Noor Khouraki

A poem about the birthday. Hope you like it!

The Wizard's Firework

Holly Johnson

This poem is about a mage's firework, and the delight that he and the children watching find in it.

Alyssa the Dryad

Michele-Marie Dalene

Alyssa was a lonely dryad looking to find some happiness. Likewise the woman who me. ets her, Claire. Is also looking to escape her dull existance. Told from Claire's point of view.

April Fools

Amory Koch

Title due to the inspiration, April Fools day, too much heat and entirely too much Calculus. Fairly autobiographical, but also quite embellished. So- inspired by biography? Basicall, I was wondering about being abducted, made up a race and ran the scenario. It actually has an ending! Whee! Of course, sequels and companion shorts are in the works. Sigh. Ah, well, at least I haven't run out of things to write, that would be horrible.

Wings 1 (Eternal Smile)

Brandon Lee

The prologue to story of 'wings' A tale of conflict within a race of winged men. A race said to be the children of angels.

The Strange Sight

Samantha Odber

First thing to be uploaded ^^It's a poem about the charm of a strange old man named Ecsclius (name isn't included, it goes hand in hand with a story)

Nothing Else Matters

Nicolei Arnold

The house was warm, aside from the cold outside. It was a fairly big place, but the world seemed so small to Dante. He sat quietly, lost in his deep hurtful thoughts. The memories good and bad, the love he'd missed so much. For him time had stopped completely, and he felt most utterly alone...