Emily Grist

He's not a Hobbit, so what is he? Muffin Girl, I used 'Happy Happy' as a topic.


David Grant

Bloodraven vs. a Mage Bloodraven = A type of dragon, somewhat of a stage between a Hatchling and a Sertin (adult). Mage - See Wizard.


Brianna Kennedy

This is a story about my sad vampire becoming happy! YEY!


Niels Rasmussen

Suddenly one day your soul is occupied by a happy sidhe. Everything will change inside and around you!

Wizard's Lament (poem)

Marius Ernst

This is a poem about the life of a wizard. It can be happy or sad, it depends on with which side you indentify. Usually I don't write poems, but I was in a bit of a sad mood.

Bridget and the Toad

David S. Percival

Okay, here's a keeper. I wrote this one after waking up from a pleasant dream. I know it's a little romantic, but I still like it. 'Course, it is very out of character for me. This one is dedicated to 'tine, for her 18th birthday. Oh, and I think I got most of those 'a/d' problems you guys pointed out fixed up...ain't I the greatest? Tim Shumate, an artist in the woods, has this nice li'l drawing that basically looks like Bridget, in my mind's eye. Here it is

Of Apples and Gold

T Bertram

Flix, Smargorf's mate for life, does her weekly shopping at the local orchard. Flix is copyright of S Boxer. Smargorf is a copyright of myself and is of my own creation.

The Hat

Vicki Nemeth

Inspired by Bifrost's 'Mad Hatters On Parade'. At first, I thought it was too low quality to put here or to add to Bifrost. I should know better. It's not like this is an elitist twit gallery. I should have submitted this to them when I had the chance. Now I just want to have something else up here. I wrote this after weeks of trying to come up with something to give Bifrost. Finally, after pulling an all nighter, I blurted it out before dragging myself to bed. That evening, I posted it on WritersCo, parading 'sleep deprivation' as a helpful writing exercise. Written on May 30, 2006. Note for Mods: My previous upload of this story had a bug regarding my use of no-break spaces. I've since removed those.

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent---Episode Four, Slimetrail Skulks SantaVille

Paul Doyle

---This story is for Elfwood writer Che Franz Joseph Monro, who has been an excellent reader/critic, and is a fantastic writer in his own right--- I admit, I like Episode Three even though it's strange and not for the easily offended. However, there seems to be a lot in it saying 'this story sequence is doomed to imminent lameness after this installment.' It took me a long time to get back to this story, because a great number of things happening in my real life, like moving, getting eye muscle surgery for my son, getting into a couple minor auto accidents, and the holidays---and, of course, getting my Elfwood art gallery up. I'm glad I took a while coming back to this story, because this turned out way better (and way longer) than originally planned.Quick recap: Part One introduces the insanity and wins Mod's Choice despite a flawed story. Part Two focuses on adventure and some cheesy music. Part Three points out the strangeness of a certain religion, and winds up being bizarre (and gets the fewest 'hits') because I was willing to take risks. Part Four also takes risks. It doesn't take place on the border of Orcaporka on the planet Terradum, but at Santa's Village at the North Pole of our very own Earth. If you ever wondered what labor relations were like at the North Pole, here ya go. I believe this is the best one yet. I have scaled back the insane wackiness and taken a more mild, relaxed approach. Slimetrail the Imp has his moment of glory in this story. Brian Claus (the real brains behind Santa's Village) is unveiled in all his zitty, nerdy yet strangely cool glory. When you're done reading, please let me know if I should continue this story or not. I'd sooner discontinue it, rather than let it get staler and triter than your average made-for-TV 'Heartwarming Emotional Family Christmas Reunion Mushiness.' Or, as Neil Young sang so many years ago, 'It's better to burn out than it is to rust.'


Clayton McFarland

A love found, and a joyous reunion. Two spirits unite in the highlands.

Beauty: Chapters 1-3

Lauren Christine

I was bored, and i didn't have my files with the part of OPAP ch9 i have written, so i started this. ^_^ It's short, but i like it all the same. The rest is in Chapters 4-6. The name Naphtali comes from the bible... one of Jacobs sons, if anyone was curious as to wear i got it...

Ode to Gaia

Dawn-Earth Maloney

I wrote this one on the spur of the moment in a chat room... a fellow chatter was upset that there wasn't a song containing the name of his beloved... so i took it upon myself to cheer him up... and in the process realised that what i had written had a lot more meaning than what was originally intended *grin*. so, i changed the title, and, walah! Hope you enjoy!

Background Laughter

Emily Grist

Updated. This is a whole different world unknown to us miserable, unhappy people. The motto of the people in this story: Bring death to those unhappy.


Brian Bergstrom

I might use this in my story. I dunno. It's pretty basic.

Shaysiris 19

Kathryn Gromowski

Oh my. Here it is, friends, the chapter you've all been waiting for. lol. Anywho, a girl's night with Matia turns into something quite a bit more interesting, and then Siris spends the day with some of her favorite other courtiers ^^ Have fun! Uploaded:6/9/06

For Love and Land

Ri Herring

I stayed up 'till waaay past midnight one night to finish this thing. I tried to incorporate as many elements of fantasy as I could. I enjoy this one, and I am pretty satisfied with it. Narrative poems are hard, since the matter being processed is slightly less nebulous than some other kinds of poetry.

The gypsy song

Neomi Geva

This is a folk song of the gypsies in my world, a proud people in which Droof Driast is an even prouder member. To do it right you must sing it by the fire on a cheery eve, when the spirits are high and the music alive.

The Awkward Hero

Robin Graaf

Written as a means to explain some situations I encountered on vacation to myself. Moral of the story? Don't be afraid, because being afraid of everything makes you blind for the beauty of that which is already there. I've learned that lesson. The hard way - by going to France.


Talis McMullen

Just about everybody fits into at lest one of these categories! Enjoy:)

White Spirit

Shaun Ingamells

Erm... Well its the story of a Unicorn, he is the guardian of a realm of almost eternal night and a creature of selflessness and purity. He is haunted by four wraith like demons before a new begining is able. This took me ages to write cause I kept going back to it and changing it and then forgot about it oh and the Goddess part thats Wiccan/ Pagan but anyhoo here it is...