The Harp

Kat Clements

A desperate young man searches for the only one with the power to save his people...

The Ties that Bind (1)

Joanne Parr

Chapter 1

The Ties that Bind (2)

Joanne Parr

Chapter 2


Angela Haynes

This is a poem about the Apocalypse. I myself do not believe the world would end like this ever, but Its rewarding to see this from a different perspective. This was inspired by some mixed emotions, but it does have the element of fantasy.


Adrienne Romani

This is the final companion piece to 'Sublime Slavery'. The other is 'Khorli'.This one is shorter than the others for the simple reason that it was hard to keep the music theme without it becoming trite.Also, my Inner-Elf is no longer speaking to me due to my insistence that this piece be written.

Seregaur - Chapter 2

Mackenzie Halbert

Ffionn is introduced in this chapter, and I think he may be my favorite character in the story. He knows everything, but he doesn't let on about it.

The Dragon Charmer's Daughter

Silvannen Gerrard

This is another poem I have written. It was inspired by a picture by fantasy artist Briar called 'The Dragon Charmer's Daughter'' hence the name of the poem. In the origional picture she is actually playing a harp instead of a lyre, but the word 'lyre' fit the poem easier than 'harp', so I did make a slight change. I hope you like it! ^_^

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent: Episode Two--- Electric Boogaloo!

Paul Doyle

More plot this time! (Thanks, Laurel Biles!) The laughs are still there, I fervently hope, as the silliness introduced in Episode One unfolds . . . More faithful to Thomas Abrahamsson's 'Old Man' pic than Episode One. Enjoy reading! The title has been inspired by that 1980's urban dance drama thingy, 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' A great title, right up there with 'Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama' and 'Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared-Syn'!

A stranger and his harp

Teresa Forden

About a man robbed of his love and can't find her again. Wow, that really sounds corny, now dosn't it...

Creation Story

Eleanor Pettit

The creation story to the world in which my main story is set, explaining things like gods and goddesses.


Bella Feine

My attempt at poetry...tell me what you think!

Song of a Harp

Megan Myer

This was an essay for my english class. She had different pictures and she told us to write a story, using the picture. It took me two weeks to write is due today 6/9/03

Haunted Melodies

Llewelyn Chapdelaine Young

There was once this man who wanted to publish some children's books. So the manager of the publishing company said, 'Yes, just leave a sample of your work here and I'll review it.' The manager was given some illustrations, almost like photographs. Later on, he reviewed them and thought these pictures that he were given were excellent. However, he could never find the one who left them there! So these circulated about, inspiring other writers before me. Eventually they found their way to my period 3 Fiction/Poetry class, and I was driven to write by one particular image. So without further ado, enjoy.


Sarah Hagen

Sitting around the dancing flames of a crackling fire, the aging bard cleared his throat and let his clear blue eyes wander about the room. Catching the avid gaze of a youthful maid, he started to sing the prologue to an epic written many moons ago...It told of the struggles of life, and death, and with it the story of an amazing heroine, though no heroics by todays standards were committed, and her struggle in life.

Jack and the Beanstalk: a Tale

Laura Rostad

This was part of an English assignment meant to make us practice writing from a differet perspective. We had to take a common fairy tale and rewrite it from a different point of view. Thus, I give you Jack and the Beanstalk from the point of view of the golden harp...

The Harper on the Ziggurat

Peter a.k.a Dauphin

Partly inspired by a disgustingly great picture by Grace Dawn Palmer I stumbled over one day. Maybe you should look at it after the story, since it gives away some bits. Or maybe you should forget the story and just look at the pic. ;)

The Dragon's Harp

Hazel Johnson

A short fantasy tale that I wrote many years ago. It is based on a favourite myth of mine - the story of the Lambton Worm (north east england for those who are curious) and tells of a brave young man, a magical harp and a ferocious dragon. Not to mention wise old witches, and pretty princess's.

The Dream Weaver

Christy Kassler

A poem about the goddess who spins our dreams every night and what they're about.

Crystal Dreams

Zack T. Fester (AKA Strider)

Now enter the world were a simple dream can change the fate of a kingdom and the life of a simple man