George The-Not-Quite-A-Saint And The Misunderstood Dragon

Silvannen Gerrard

Here is the sequel The Princess, The Dragon And Harry The-Not-Very-Brave  and is the second part in the Saga of The Misadventures of Harry The-Not-Very-Brave. However, this story can still be enjoyed without having read the first one (though it is recommended). This is my take on the legend of Saint George, and was inspired by a beer poster that I saw a while ago. Once again, it is at least meant to make you smile if nothing else. Hope you like it!

Gasoline Fairy

Erin Luce

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is an interesting experience, now matter where you are or who you're with or what kind of food you happen to have with you. So naturally, the inspiration for this story comes from that, as well as the ever-changing fantasy world that seems to become more and more interesting with modern times... Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this little story, and don't forget to leave a comment.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The Spirit within Sean Camaradi

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 3

Matthew Harvey

Breaker Academy... the school ontop the mountain cliff, overlooking the sea.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 1

Matthew Harvey

Sean Camaradi, Lucia Faramein and Alex Guardings... the destined three.

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Prologue

Matthew Harvey

A troubled Freshman named Sean Camaradi struggles to live his life in the mysterious town of Breaker's View, Califoria. Between bullies, alienation from his parents, and a three-hundred year old secret that plunges him and his friends into a world of trouble, the prospect of simply living takes on a new meaning...

The Princess, The Dragon, And Harry The-not-very-brave

Silvannen Gerrard

This is just a silly short story that I wrote purely for my own amusement during writer's block. I decided to share it with you. It's nothing spectacular but it's supposed to at least make you smile. Enjoy!