Jestia: Vinestemmer

L. Price

This is a later one, about Vinestemmer... When the worlds of the Elves and Humans collide it seems that the Humans, who are in reality, knock offs of Elves, are the ones to blame.


Josh Earnest

A poem about darkness prevailing over light for once:P

The Shifters ~ Chapter One: The Figure

Pamela Lehmann

A strict caste system governs all aspects of life. You are told what your caste is, what your job is, and even if you will die, at the age of sixteen, by a council. How do they decided? The colour of your hair and eyes. The Council governs all life. There is no other system. But then another comes forth. The Council calls her and her people the Shifters, demons, for their hair and eyes, which shift colour. But this girl brings together a group, one member from each caste. Peasant, slave, worker, noble and outcast, they all join with the demon girl. And why does she bring them together? To free the world from hate and predudice (sp?). And what world is this? Earth.

The Shifters ~ Chapter Two: The Story

Pamela Lehmann

This is chapter two of my story 'The Shifters'


Maria Elmindreda L

Three things I borrowed from the past and intend to carry with me to the future. Three things that make my life worth living...

Prophetic purpose

Glenn G. Foley

My first amateur creation, a dark, simple poem about a fairy-tale creature waiting for his destiny


Elise Cannon

A young angel, fallen from the grace of the Gods above learns the lessons of Karma when he faces the truth of his fate. He believes his whole purpose of existence is to slay the mortal enemies of the Heavens; humans. But in his blind ignorance and unjust spite he falls, in more ways then one, into his dark fate embraced in the blissful beauty of love in its truest form. But will his wish come true, his wish for humans to suffer. It has been his only longing since the creation of the human beings, but when he finally gets his wish, will it be what he wants, when he sees the truth of it and himself?

Connor and Binjii II

Chelsea Castonguay

Nora Stel read my first try at Connor and Binjii, and made an excellent point that they really are not realistic pirates, so I gave them another go, I think this one is better.

Silver Inches

Lauren King

A woman seeks vengeance on her family, yet there may be someone out there looking for revenge on her...

Wing Deposed...

Rocco Davis

BlackWing's bitter exile from his clan...

Maelstrom Saga: Book I, Chapter II

James Woodall

The worlds of chaos overflowing, the unknown evil is growing, the darkness is ever knowing. He lives his life unknowing the evil that lies within. Firgof, a mere mortal among the race of men.


The Sir Noah Landau 'Calrissian'

A poem of two armies, eternally locked in a battle seperated by time because of their undying hatred for one another.

The Hated

Emily Benavage

The truth about Death

The Struggle Chapter 4: Death

Michael Bloome

He second guesses his choices

Chapter 1: Blood and Ice

Kevin Smith

This is the first chapter of the story in progress 'The Son of Fire'.

Gilded Cage

Christina MacDonald

Another poem.


Oliver Baldwin

Elsmir is a centuries-old other-worldly creature who was driven to insanity, causing her to be exiled from her homeland.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 20

Samantha Fortier

This chapter is going to need a bit of work, but believe me Sydor is not very happy at the end of this chapter. Secrets are revealed as well as betrayal


David Nusse

My dad wanted to see some of my recreational writing, just to see what I can do, so I scrawled this out, and decided to post it. What you have to understand is the soldier on the ground has a clip dispenser thing on his belt like Lara Croft did in the first Tomb Raider movie. (Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are registered trademarks that don't belong to me.)

Assassin Part 5

Fatma Alici

The truth begins to break through the deceptions.