Kacie Goodwin

A poem about the ghost of a young maiden/princess, who is cursed to walk the halls of her fallen castle ruins alone and waiting.

The Delicate Petal of Now

Donna Marks

My first attempt at a 'Ghost Story'. Sometimes a haunting is not what it seems...

Pretty Quiet Around Here

Lance Greenlee

Something peculiar was going on around the mountain farm he was trying to buy. 

For Lily

Victoria Griffin

This poem is dedicated to a close friend (and fellow poet): Caryn Brooke Ecker (known to her online friends as 'Lily of the Greenwood'). Caryn passed away on New Year's Night (2003) after a long illness. She was a amazing person, a brilliant poet and a dear friend. I like to believe she dwells with the Faeries now.

Cassandra - Little Doll

Janelle Highland

This was written back in 2001. Be gentle? LOL

Cry For the Unicorn

Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

My first stab at poetry with a plotline involving a unicorn. Let me know what you think.

Ghost Greyhound

Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

I wanted to write a poem about my 'greyhound' as a ghost, so I did, and this is kind of what resulted :-)

Empty Nest

Mary Bailey

This is a slightly altered version from a prior submission. Not everything is what it appears to be. Horror I suppose but not horrible. :)


Ree Tjeerdsma

Ancient Egyptians believed a person's ka, one of several souls they thought everyone had, would transcend death and reach the blessed Underworld. Modern man has not made that journey easy. Written 1998, probably to shame my present self with my past moodiness.

The River

Simi *Muffin Queen*

On the bank of the river, we return to face our ghosts. Are the ghosts of memory real? Whatever they are...they are ghosts that reach out. Don't get caught by the river; you won't come back.

Me and my sister

Alix Fowler

A little dark, a few lines which I find a bit poorly worded, but all in all, a well crafted ghost story, I think

Real Freaky (poem)

Alison Grills

My own haunting experience

Mirella's Star (theme)

Fi MacNaughton

This is a song to a space ghost story I'm working on... (You can find a picture to it in my Zone 47 site.)


Michel Rousseau

The feeling of eternal loss


Jennifer Knight

Three non-fiction stories which were told to me that I put together for Halloween last year. This is the first draft and in dire need of shaping, but I also wrote this to read aloud. I talk a lot like this, so, take that in mind when it makes little sense, and also take these apologies ahead of time. Whatever time of the year it may be, though, they are still good for that wet-your-pants scare, especially to me, at the end. So, sit back, relax, pull up a sarcophagus and enjoy.