The Hunted

Allison Lynch

Another birthday story. My friend calls herself a hawk, so I wrote this so she could be one, at least in her fantasy. I like this one a lot, too. I may rework it, though. Spring '01


Sandy Fangor' Moose

Number Three of Five of the Expository Short Stories.


Janet Jongebloed

Author's Notes: Oh geez, here I am again, writing a sequel to 'Wonderful Girl' when I always said I wouldn't. This version of 'Returning' is going to be a little rushed because it has to be 5 double spaced pages at the maximum because I'm writing it for Creative Writing class. I might do another novelette (I love that word) as a long version of 'Returning'.

An Elf's Romance: Part 1

Sarah Stover

Just a little elf love story I've been toying with. This would be the first part.

Sparrowhawk's Lament

Callie Richardson

This is a ballad that I wrote for school, in a Women's Lit class. It's about a woman that I know. (*grins* it rhymes!)

Part 7: Of the Elder Races

Juan Dianderas

Seventh part of the Story of Lëmmire, concerning the primitive Elders.

As the Hawk Flies - Chapter 2

Jonas Wallenius

The story continues...

Cetan of the North

Melanie McLaughlin

Cetan is the North American spirit of the hawk (which is by the way my favorite animal). Comments are welcome.

Caer Falken

Christopher R Regan

After the cataclysm, Crystalmyst is a realm of chaos. Starshadow, Loquitor and Kittarina set out to search the land and discover things which will chart the future.

The Island Part Three

Athene Grele

At last, the climactic end! Well, actually, it's the anticlimax.... but whatever. Enjoy!

6 Azure

Karin Mayville

A fantasy romance I'm currently working on along with M.W. In this world, you are betrothed at birth with another that will have the same colored eyes as you. There are only thirteen cities, each surrounded by a wall to protect them from the "Beyond" world that is plagued by giant monsters and creatures called "Insects. Azure is a girl with an unmatchable name sent to match with a prince in a far away town that has an unmatchable name as well. I'd like you to note the themes involved: it's a very "colorful" story--no pun intended! :)

Prophecy of Hope (Chapter 2 The Soul Collector) Book 1

Christopher Sillett

Kristena, Rhona, Alex and Kuvawa find themselves flung across the universe, stuck there with no way home.  But to make matters worse, an alien race known as the Tasions, a very powerful humanoid species with far superior strength, speed, agility, and explosive energy abilities want them all dead.  Note to readers.  As with the Prologue and Chapter 1, this is the uneditted version of the chapter 2.  Depending on the comments I get I may post further chapters.  

You Can Still Be Free

Sandy Fangor' Moose

One of Five Short Stories I wrote for my Expository Writing Class in School. It was longer and better and more discriptive, but I had to cut out 200-some words to get it within the limit for the class (300-315) So it's not as good.

Internal Dialouge

Sandy Fangor' Moose

This is the Second of Five Short Stories for my Expository Writing class. Hmm... It's about Kianra/Shenma... Kinda weird... *shrugs*

Castle Eld 3 - A Pie Thief

Ashley Wynn

This piece of the story was inspired by an image in Audrey Totire's gallery. Thanks, Audrey!

To Cage a Hawk pt. 1

D. Hendrikson

Nighthawk... is sorta me and sorta not, but she's so darn fun to torment! I hope this isn't too graphic, but there's no bad language, just some scenes of torture/bondage. Setting: Earth, Washington, Seattle Era: Modern Background: Nighthawk's been captured by a group acting on someone else's payroll. They've been commissioned to deliver her broken and ready to be rebuilt- in whose image? BTW, since this jumps in mid-story, Nighthawk is a mixed clone, part human, part cat, snake and bat. She's also a bit mentally unstable and has no official gender.

Of Beasts and Men

Christine Zambopoulou

The relationships between humans and Nature.

The Prophecy - poem

Nikki Drewry

From this one poem, I have visions of an epic story. Yes, I do. See... this Dove in Spring is the princess of some grand kingdom, and the Hawk in Fall is her protector. The Eagle in Summer is some sailor who shows up to help them while they're in a port city... he can't go back sailing because his ship is stuck in port. Blue and Silver are the colors of her house... or else the sailor's house... not sure about that. We have a magic sword, and the Gold and Black are the colors of some other house, who they think is an enemy, but is actually their ally. Copper in winter is a thinly veiled image of blood on snow, and the Hunter is the evil bad guy of doom. Then that little bit on the end is nifty too, sorta added on to the end of the prophacy by the Hunter himself as a warning. When all my other story ideas have played out (fat chance, that) then I'll start working on this one. :) Hm... I'll put this in the Mystic category because it's a mystic prophacy and such...

Sisters of the Wind

Elizabeth Steen

This, like ~Beyond~, was written during my short bike ride. This time I listened to Native American meditation music that my cyber-mom sent me. She had asked me before we met to listen to a particular song and to tell her if the language seemed familiar at all. The beat sure did. So I rode up to the bay, it was quiet...a shocker, and I slipped my sandals off, took out my notebook and sat down on the dock, my feet dangling, where they feel right at home. I missed being able to do that. Anyway, I was listening to the song and my feet just took on a life of their own, were they not in the water they might have been dancing and singing with the music, that is in a Native American tongue. This peace settled over me and a brief happiness bubbled up in my heart and I soared with hawk and I ran with deer and I sang with sparrow.


Sandy Fangor' Moose

Four of Five Short Stories. It's a little violent. Not as bad as Quarry, though... I guess... I dunno, whatever.