How an elf got his name

Harry Bett

Short story about how an elf found the name for his son.

The Rain God

Samantha Knapp

Yet another old piece, from about 1999 (and that's old to me!) It was just a strange idea that wouldn't leave me alone... stupid ideas.

Wyvern’s Project Three

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

Better late than never they say, had some difficulties getting this up (file didn't work) hope it does now. At an unspecified point in Crescentia's future the dread Damardhel return from their exile, led by the fierce Grand Captain Valcain. However when Valcain returns to the shores of his ancestors he must confront the ghosts of his past. I'm very happy that I was included in the Wyvern's Project, though I must admit I'm not quite pleased with the result. Starting late I feel that the story became too rushed, and feel unfinished. Having only read it through once it is probably filled with errors, but for all its apparent faults it has one great advantage over most of my stories: it is finished! Something I do not accomplish often enough for my own liking.

Two Souls Collide Chapter 2

Jessica Johnson

This is my second chapter yay! Mera has been sent to ettiquette school by her mom and does not get to she Kiyhon for seven years. A new character is here and Kiyhon has powers woot! (pictures will come as soon, I don't have a scanner ;_; so i'll have to get my friend to help with that).

Sins of the Demon (poem)

Jennifer Macvicar

i've had to streach some of the rhyme a little but it worked out quite nicely. comments welcome.

-Curved Yet Straight-

Emily Kirsch

I couldn't begin to explain this poem. It was done on impulse and nothing more.

It's only a dream... (ch. 1)

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Jacqueline is a woman who has just come of age in English society. She has been introduced to the ton at her comeout and is a very big success. Her bland life becomes very interesting when the Earl of Srelanka announces a suprise betrothal... to her. It can only be a dream when she finds herself in a strange land with a mysterious satyr walking towards her through snow... right?

Souls are Crying

Melissa Rust

I am such an amature writer it's not even funny. so this is another pathetic attempt to writing.

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green

A Wanderer

Tom Nosredans

a loner wandering the world searching for answers he cannot find.