Ch 8 - Big Red

Dave Steele

Clara meets Serena (Big Red) the swordswoman, and a close friend of the Enchanter's circle.

Ch 1 - Daydreams

Dave Steele

This is the story of Clara's adventures on the planet Yed. Clara is (was) an earth girl, 'kidnapped' by a magical backfire by her now-mentor Tim the Enchanter.

The Hat

Vicki Nemeth

Inspired by Bifrost's 'Mad Hatters On Parade'. At first, I thought it was too low quality to put here or to add to Bifrost. I should know better. It's not like this is an elitist twit gallery. I should have submitted this to them when I had the chance. Now I just want to have something else up here. I wrote this after weeks of trying to come up with something to give Bifrost. Finally, after pulling an all nighter, I blurted it out before dragging myself to bed. That evening, I posted it on WritersCo, parading 'sleep deprivation' as a helpful writing exercise. Written on May 30, 2006. Note for Mods: My previous upload of this story had a bug regarding my use of no-break spaces. I've since removed those.

...Your Flesh is Sweet

Rachel Lawlor

A Crapsey cinquain in iamb.  I've followed the tradition of titling the cinquain in a way that it can be read as a sixth line.

Ch 7 - Kidnapped!

Dave Steele

Think things were bad with being enslaved? Now Clara gets kidnapped by the enchanter circle!

The Head

Katie Sweet

A parody I wrote in grade 11 of Hemingway's 'Old Man and the Sea'


Kevin Hosein

An unusual piece.

Ch 5 - Anadil

Dave Steele

Clara meets Anadil, healer to the Sultan.

My Loving Heart

Daniel Oehlmann

Tempus is the Forgotten Realms(TM) god of battles.


Tom Shine

Mwahaha, a story with a happy sounding title that turns *surprise!* tragic. Well I tried to write this as a sort of trippy, descriptive short story. Unfortunately, like most of my short stories, it turned hopelessly tragic. Oh well. This was inspired by Norah Jone's Sunrise, but not so much the words as the wierd film clip. Everyone who has seen it will know what I'm talking about. Of course, all lyrical material here is copyrighted to Norah Jones and not me. Or else I'd be a multi millionaire, like her. =P

Poem: Death perception

John Howes

A poem of mine already published by in the books Eternal poetry and colours of the heart (europe). but I can't exactly get much personal feedback from them, so tell me what you think, this is death personified (in my own way).

Clowns, Penguins, Elephants, Knebbles, and Mice

Crystal Tomaino

I wrote this a few years back as a comedy, but I was told by many people that it was dark and strange. I'm not sure if I believe that, but the readers can decide for themselves.

Voices in My Head

Collette Marette

An interesting poem done one day while I was in a strange mood.

Here Lies Respite

Danyella Edwards

Another in the series of Mindscapes, this is about Baltimore, my mother aspect, and Shini, mentioned as Myself in the LaTrenne poem, representing my emotions when I first wrote this. The part of me that is still hurt, still cries, and still wishes to be mothered.


Emily Kirsch

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. It was written for Nicole Cardiff--a picture of hers inspired this. I'm sure it's not what she had in mind... but it's what came to me.

Ch 3 - The Sultan's palace

Dave Steele

Clara's continuing adventures on Yed.

Dragon In My head

Nina Marshall A.K.A Confused One

a poetry about my inspiration

My Thoughts

Robyn Petrik

Just a short few lines, but I think it's really powerful. It has a harder, angrier edge than usual.

Ch 2 - Sir Azar

Dave Steele

Clara's continuing adventures on Yed.


Megan Perrin

Darkness taking over the light's territory.