Piriah Chapter 10: Nalche Wakes Up

Dana Caldwell

The next chapter in the Piriah saga. Still not a named story, but developing nicely. Here, Nalche is waking up from the cyclone storm she created and discovering a new life.

Umbra - Chapter 3 (approx. 10 pages)

Ute Fuerst

A new student to magic Umbra will find some surprises here, good and bad. Second personal revision. Suggestions, ideas, spottet mistakes always welcome. ;) (revised 07/2004)

Underhill, Chapter 2

Heather Heathen' Wright

One of the rare and elusive second chapters of a story. And you know what? You know what?! I even have an idea of what I'm gonna put in the -gasp- third chapter! Eeeeeee!

Chosen 6b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 6

Chapter 2

Acacia Brovedani

Leishandra begins her flight away from Corin and towards something new....

The Plain Princess- Chapter One: Poaching in the Forest

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

The first chapter of my story The Plain Princess. We are introduced to our heroes as they meet in the forest during a rather sticky situation.

Lazarus Disorder

Ric a.k.a Hermes

I'd like the story to kind of speak for itself. I don't really know where it came from within me, I have no reason for it to have popped out, but here it is.It's not based on anything personal, nor is it inspired by anything I've seen or read. I'm not saying its completely original, I have no idea if there's stories out there like it, I just haven't happened to have seen any.The name is a biblical reference, but there's ntohig biblical in the story itself.I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what you think.

Desert Rose - Ch III

Lindsay Verde

The ProphecyThe Anjinu tribe learns a little bit more about their history, and their potential future, while things in the desert become a little more dangerous. Etain continues learning her healing talents. Edited apostrophe errors: August 2008. Going back through this very old chapter, it was really hard not to just scrap the original and re-write the entire thing but I promised my readers I would get the next chapter out, so I resisted. Please, ignore the horrible grammar and sentence structure in this chapter, it's the oldest one to date. I promise that chapter four is better.2012 Project Status: On hold until Dragon Mistress is complete. 

Shadow Master 1 - Prologue

Ray Valen

 This prologue introduces the two main characters of the story, as well as the mood. Be warned, it's dark and the story will follow suite. (Two pages)   18/05/2011: Submitted

Topknot's home sec12

james crofoot

Tasren awakes from the assassin's poison.  He and Toya continue training

First Encounter 3

Cynthia Armstrong


The Mother's Gift

Debbie Palmer

The story of how the Elf Joiya discovers her special powers.

Lady of Light

Elizabeth Gerrow

After starting a new story & then talking to a Past Seer friend of mine, I put the two together and came up with this poem. :)

Prad : A Paladin's Duty

Ryan Stringer

The last in my little Paladin trilogy, written during my tenure as a 51st level EQ Paladin. This story was based on an actual duel that took place in the game (that I won, I might add), though I have since removed all references to the game. Sadly, I never finished this story either ...

First Encounter 2

Cynthia Armstrong

A continuation, and something of a medical journal

Before the Dawn: More Color

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In a world in which all forms of art have long been forgotten, a girl tries to recreate a scene the only way she knows how.

Come to me, with outstretched hands.

Ellen Jurik

This is a poem that reflects on how I sometimes feel- like I give more than I take, or at least more than I get given. Yes, it is a tad depressed in tone, but oh well. So was I at the time. I want to include it here, because it can be seen as describing a spiritual healer, as well as me reflecting upon myself.

Shaysiris 7

Kathryn Gromowski

Look, more new stuff! And...Vistalt just keeps getting odder ^^ Because I like him that way, lol. And, naturally, I HAD to invent a card game. It's sorta a cross between go fish/sheepshead/poker played with a tarot deck. Doesn't that sound like fun? Anyone who's interested in drawing the deck, let me know, I have a lot of info on it. Plus it saves me the trouble, lol. Uploaded: 10/19/05

The Ballad of Goldar Dhun

Katheryn Heminger

One morning after breakfast I sat down at the computer (compelled by some festering seed of an idea) and finished this before lunch (Kate, get in here! Lunch is getting cold! I'm coming, I'm coming!!). Anyway, this may not be for everyone (no blood and guts, no magic swords), but I like it. It's rather sad. P.S. Read it aloud - it sounds a lot better.

Chapter 17, Half truths

Melissa O´Dowd

Sort of a chopped up chapter. It's been moved from its original place, and I need to do a rewrite. But its back to our Elven friends for a while