A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Eight

Crystel Redknap

Alassea leaves Mondoria to return home.


Chelsea Doop

this is one of the few poems that i've written. its a poem about a ghost woman recounting centuries in a void because of a sacrifice she made... just read it. you'll find out.

The Watchers of Worlds:My Mika

Lainey Welsch

I turned this one out whilst sitting in class. My friends say its kind of depressing but I think not. I think its kind of hopeful. Let me clue you in on some of the kinky lingo. Heart algorimeter is a futuristic word for the heart; neo-cortex is the brain and hmm...*flips pages* thats it enjoy the story!!

Faerie Rose

Rhiannon Taylor

*Poem* The rather sad tale of a man who fell in love with a female fae for one night, only to awaken to her vanished from his side. Could be sung as a song, for that is how it originally was written. I wrote this very late one night scribbled on the back of an article about human psychology from adolescence. Strange when inspiration strikes and even stranger is the result. Critique if you so wish.


Mercedes Williams

Another love poem. It has the exact same format, rhyme pattern and number of stanzas as Dissever. As it seems, I'm not very diverse.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 19

Beibei Du

Beri returns to Elloran, trying to forget Adorran.


Katherine 'dys' VanHoorn

This is kind of a surreal story, I feel like, since it never happened....

The Old Pirate

Charity Harrell

The sad story about an old pirate and how he becomes alone. I think I might continue it.


Samantha Kauchis

Two realms, and two hearts torn between them.

Fairies of desire

Georgina Gilbert

Love, is the most powerful of all magic.

Veil of Naivete

Tim Davis

This story was inspired from listening to a friend and his experience with his girlfriend. I didn't just transfer his story, however, because I did not even use his story, but his plight just gave me inspiration to make up the situation.

Shadows of Deceit

Victoriana Ravenscraft

A pretty lame short story... It is kind of scatter brained at time, but comments for improvement are welcome. It is about a vampiress in Atlanta investigating some interesting murders.

Inside, Through, and Beyond the Window

Kathleen Casey

That's it...The Window Series is done! And I decided to combine the last 3 chapters for space saving reason. Outside the Window (my first Mod's Choice!) is the first chapter... and these are the last three. All the chapters are short and they don't take that long to read =) Inside the Window: We start to get to know Celeste alitte and his feelings Through the Window: We discover the narrators secret and her 'power' over Celeste Beyond the Window: Through the power of time, we see suffering and heart break and eventually 'the end of it all'. (this i my favorite chapter since the first) Please leave comments, even if you only read one of the three chapters.

Sabrin's Return

Sandra Reese

Takissis is the Queen of Fae. Years ago she was engaged to a paladin named Sabrin Palandar. He disappeared one night and after a couple years he was presumed dead. The Queen's heart broke, but she survived. After a time, she fell in love again and became engaged. Two weeks before the wedding Sabrin returned. This is that night.

I'm sorry...


A poem about being sorry for hurting someone I love...

Suplicant Heat

Jerneane Cook

The folly of desire learning the fires of passion allways leaves a scar

This is What Happens

Emily Grist

I've dedicated this to Vic Alfieri, who wrote the stunning poem Embroidered Memories in my own dedication. I'm truly aware that this is just a big block of ramblings. I was trying a new kind of writing style (which I believe I've decided not to stick with), and I was venting. Enjoy my morbid self, once again.

The Loss of Lady Erinell

Stephanie Yule

A poem about true love.