The Fall of the Angels

Logan Gonzalez

From an Angel's point of view, here is an account of the day Lucivar and his followers were banished from Heaven... A rare up-close and personal look at the entire issue.

Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.


Anna Mortensen

I wrote this waiting in line for my perscription at K-Mart. Grammar is right out the window with this one! Make of it what you will, for that is its purpose.

Michael's Tale: Chapter 2

Garon Whited

Mike discovers interesting friends and facts.


Elizabeth O'Connor

A story about love, about religion, about a goddess that shouldn't be, or doesn't want to be...she hasn't decided yet.

Dark Designs Part 1

Cole Chang

A shadowy predator of the dark becomes obsessed by a young preteen girl.


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

Wrote this awhile ago. I was experimenting with free verse at the time.

The wars in heaven, and the screams from hell: Prologue

Daniel Beck

Before telling the tale of the wars in heaven, some things are required learning... Nothing too facy... But you should not judge this as a story written by a christian evangelist in the least sense of the word. this is a work of fiction, based on spiritual themes, it is only a coincidence they use some similar terminology... confused yet? Read the prologue and maybe you wont be :)

Devil stole her: chapter 3

Catherine Clegg

Dominic tries to get Helen back, with little success. More will be coming soon!

The Dove Pursues The Griffon

Charles Trowbridge

This is the best of the stright high fantasy that I've ever written. There are alot of artists out there who have drawn Johnny D for me. Perhaps someday I'll get around to building a tour for it (if there is a demand).

Metal Met Flesh....

Katie Hallahan

Hugh Garren woke up to his throat being slit and his life ending; this caused a number of problems. Only the first of which was the fact he was dead. This is a new work in progress (the title is also a working one), planned to eventually be a novella. Please leave constructive comments!

Heavens Angel

Kay. Wood

An angel faces the powers of evil and is forced to make the hardest decision of her life.

The Nick of Time: A Middle Man

Kimberly Loo

If you don't go to heaven, you go to hell, right? Well it doesn't always work that way.

Innocence Stained

Christina Lee

A Fallen Angel. Please comment!

On the Front Lines of Heaven

Krissy Marie' Jones

This is a poem dedicated to the memory of Dan Wink, a very close friend of my family. In many ways, he was a second father to me. He and I coached together in basketball and volleyball. He taught me so much about life and faith and courage. This is for him.

The Apocalypse Stableboy

Katheryn Heminger

Being rather fond of horses, I have always been interested in the horses of the Four Horsmen of the Apocalypse. OK, I'm weird - so what? :) Anyway, read it, and tell me what you think.

Child of the Heavens

Amanda Hoffman

The story of my savior and my light.

The Abyss

Jean Boree

This poem was written for a friend of mine 'Angel' who is a cherished friend and to whom I give this poem as a gift. After living through a horrible storm and loosing everything to that storm ,I wanted to give her something special to show that I'm thinking of her and wishing a swift recovery! :) *hugs* For those wondering, the abyss is a role playing channel Angel runs and which I have the pleasure of helping out with :O) I hope you guys who are intrested in rps will email me so I can send you to see her web page and you can possibly join us one day!:)

The Frown of Night Ch 2

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.

The Waiting Room - Part One

Laura Korska

This is kind of like a journal, I guess, of the life and memories of this man. Strange as they are. Maybe he is writing his memoirs. As always, critiques welcome.