Little Monster: Part 2

Sarah Bevon

Well, i actually fininshed writing this about two months ago, but then it took forever to type, and even longer to put up. So, here it is.

Chapter 4: A Sheath of Ivy and the Footprint in the Road

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

History repeats itself, and those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it. Tarna is here reminded about the history of the Barbarian Wars from the years of his infancy, and the roots of the current violence. Then he is introduced to an insidious new weapon, and a frightful nightmare is made reality.

Heir - Chapter Ten: Trajiley

Teagen May

Another trip. Yay for trips! This is the longest chapter I've written for Heir. Hope you enjoy it!

Heir - Chapter Six: Intensity

Teagen May

Ewan refuses to teach Anni battlecraft, so she turns to Lyrik for help with her magic, instead.

Phoenix Burning

Amber Cornwell

'They were dark times. There were few who remembered days such as these, Phoenix Sinclair mused absently, and when one ran with the oldest and most dignified of the vampire clans, that statement meant just a little more.'

The Legend of Whispering Tor

Debbie Palmer

The story of a wandering prince who founded a great kingdom.

False Heir: Chapter 1

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 1 of False Heir, a story in progress. Niemh the apprentice sorceress is about to hae her quiet world of learning turned around...

Rain Demon

Meryum Hukaru

This was originally written for a contest and later expanded. I'm currently working on part two.

A Dragon Lord's Duty:Prologue

Taryn Kamar

My first novel ever! Please be easy on me, though...and the story isn't this depressing;)After you read this, check out Chapter 1!!(If you like it of course)

Heir - Chapter Nine:The Cliffside Castle

Teagen May

Prince Reid, Anni and Terra take a trip to Marwane Castle. Long time no see, faithful Elfwood-ers! Hope this chapter's worth the wait!

False Heir: Chapter 4

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 4 of False Heir, a story in progress. A threat on Scira's life leads to a late night escape for her, Niemh and Scira, despite the friction between the heir and the apprentice.

Blood Stained Cold: Prologue

Tom Shine

Well duck me fead, but this story tis quite unusual. Meh, I always loved history, at least non Australian history. Savour the taste children, it shall be one of the few writings you'll scrimp out of me this semester. Basically about the fall of the Imperial Aissurian Family. You'll get it.

Heir - Chapter Seven: Nightwatch

Teagen May

Who watches over Anni while she recovers from her Healing Overkill? Find out in the next installment of: - HEIR - =] Comment, please! (For reference: 'Iath eleska nari' in my Wizarding language means 'I am a git'. =] In previous chapters, Lyrik used this sentence as a means of communication with other Alliance members during dangerous and unforseen circumstances.)

Seeing Destiny

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

a short about Nathyn's dad, Tresban, and his dilemma for having to live the life that's his.

Prolouge to Healers end

Jennifer Licata

I need help with lengthening this one. I've been told I'm rushing, if you've suggestions, please tell me.

Devil's Stone Chapter I

Natalia Sidorov

Seraphina, the black changeling of the Angel's Club is commanded to assasin the heir to the Crystal Throne. But to kill the girl, Seraphina must first get into the Crystal Palace.

False Heir: Chapter 5

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 5 of False Heir, a story in progress. The pair make their first stop in a small town, while their absence is discovered, and get into trouble with themselves and with someone else.... NOTE! This chapter was almost completely revamped from the previous version (03.26.03)

The Light of the Morning

Sara Bean

Pretty. I like this one...

The Sword of Kedriem

Rachel Lamine

Gadrim Onoveriem refuses to give up a powerful sword to its rightful heir with devastating consequences.

The Farthest Sun: Prologue

H. Chute

My very short beginning of another book. It's not as good (in my opinion) as Apprentice or Jheroma of Paetheil, but I think it's sort of fun. Unlike the other ones, this one needs constructive criticism! ; )