The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm

The Fall of the Angels

Logan Gonzalez

From an Angel's point of view, here is an account of the day Lucivar and his followers were banished from Heaven... A rare up-close and personal look at the entire issue.


Anna Mortensen

I wrote this waiting in line for my perscription at K-Mart. Grammar is right out the window with this one! Make of it what you will, for that is its purpose.

Lost Soldier

Daniel Harris

Alone We Stand

Chyaz Samuel

This is my first update in literally a year. This is a little poem about the niceties of Satan and Hell (so, light reading then). Hope you enjoy.

Fantastic Images

Pete Anderson

A dream of Hell


Gr4nt Br4nd0n

A poem about.. Just read the dang thing!

Dark Designs Part 1

Cole Chang

A shadowy predator of the dark becomes obsessed by a young preteen girl.

The wars in heaven, and the screams from hell: Prologue

Daniel Beck

Before telling the tale of the wars in heaven, some things are required learning... Nothing too facy... But you should not judge this as a story written by a christian evangelist in the least sense of the word. this is a work of fiction, based on spiritual themes, it is only a coincidence they use some similar terminology... confused yet? Read the prologue and maybe you wont be :)

Chapter 1 of the wars in heaven

Daniel Beck

now we get to the story itself... This story is about an angel who finds himself in the the middle of the greatest of all struggles... The war in heaven.

Devil stole her: chapter 3

Catherine Clegg

Dominic tries to get Helen back, with little success. More will be coming soon!

Beelzebub's Palace (Poem)

Amy Downum

Written at 11:00 pm on Friday January 6th, 2006. My first poem of the year! And admittedly a rather half-arsed attempt at far the two reviews have been good ones, but who knows what the Elfwood populace will decide?

Dark Nights, chapter 5

J. Hillman

Damian and Jack (and Lynne) fight to save the world.

A Hope in Hell - Act I

Jon Fnar' Stevens

The beginning of a metaphysical tragicomedy in 2 acts

The Nick of Time: A Middle Man

Kimberly Loo

If you don't go to heaven, you go to hell, right? Well it doesn't always work that way.

Rift of Existence: Unexpected Beginnings

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

The first in the 'Rift of Existence' timeline so far. Way before the rest of the story, but still important.

Into the Depths of Hell, My Cat Led Me (updated: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

Back in high school, we read Dante's Inferno. And then wrote our own Hell Paper. Hehehehe.

O'er Fires of Hell

Christina Stoppa

Well, these are the verses that will be appearing in the prologue to the second book in my series. That book is still a long way off, but I feel like posting the poem right now. So, enjoy!

...Upon his Deathbed

Jeremy Parker

This story was inspired by my brother. He needed me to create him an evil fictional name, so I did. The name sparked this story in my mind...

The Frown of Night Ch 2

B. Landon Hurley

This is the next chapter in my slightly disturbing saga about a man's adventures in the afterlife.