Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

When Angels Cry

Emma Moel

Wow this turned out dark. Probably the most chilling and gripping story I've yet written. I couldn't believe how, well... horrible (in a good way!) the ending turned out to be! I shocked myself! =P Oh and by the way, the changes in the font shows who's point-of-view it is from in that part. I think that by the second paragraph you'll know who is who.

Chapter Three: The Lady of the Wood

Angela Fraga

Elduvil journeys to the east to seek for help and counsel from an old friend and kinswoman, in an ancient grove.

Oh Night!

Chelsea Schetzle

A ______ (Creature of your choice) Praying to the night, asking for guidence...


Gr4nt Br4nd0n

A poem about.. Just read the dang thing!

Silver Moon: Chapter Three

Heather Golden

About a vampire seeking redemption and help from a human woman

The Lady of the Marshes

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

My epic. So to speak. A long poem that actually has a plot, and my favorite completed work. Some people seem to find it odd that I have it memorized. The tune is a slightly mangled version of 'Hush, Little Baby.' After I wrote it, it seemed to have a bit of an environmental theme. Now and again, I try to think how I could make the rhythm a little smoother.

Together not apart

Mark Kramarzewski

Still not happy with the title, not really happy with the whole thing actually just thought I'd bang it up here because I can.

TToR Two

Adam Hunt

A man is haunted by gruesome memories that nothing seems to be able to drown away. He has come to the conclusion that revenge is the only way to allay the pain. Luckily for him, there is a vampyre hunter nearby under the same resolve. The difference between the two is immediately noticeable; he is a pathetic wretch, though somewhat justified, and she is a thread of iron, unbreakable and determined.


Katrina Constantine

Have you ever had a friend in need, a friend that you had to help, but you didn't want to get involved? And even when you go to help them you know that they will grow older only to make the same mistakes their parents made? .Everybody has heard at some point in their life they will turn into their parents. To some people this is not a bad thing. To others the idea is terrifing.

Act of Friendship

Meagan Sears

This is a story about Maeve and her friend Thorshinar. She tends to get in trouble a lot, and he helps her out. Oh, and I'm aware that the title is a lousy one, and I'm willing to accept any other ideas, if you have 'em. Thanks. I hope you enjoy.


Risiart Lloyd

Quite a weird poem. You can read it (up until the last stanza) as either positive or negative - but if you read it as positive you must take the negative word, Nobody, and make it a positive entity. Nobody can be the name of a person or nobody as a word in it's original sense. You chose.

The Twilight's Warden

*Gasp!* What's this? A COMPLETE short story from me? Not just an overly long cliffhanger? O rapture! +) The Warden is my signature character and he actually has a real name, though the story doesn't mention it: Dameon Starwind. A good friend of mine, the magnificent lady Dusksong, drew a wonderful illustration for this story that you can view on deviantArt: http://dusksong.deviantart.com/art/Dameon-Starwind-49804535 Here's a poem that didn't make it past the moderators, but is nonetheless important to the character:   Down alleys swathed in shadow, 'round corners dark and grim; Through secret paths and lairs of wrath treads Dameon Starwind. A man of many secrets, from whom none shall leak. They say that if he gave the word the walls themselves would speak!   An eyepatch and a blackish hat above his crafty grin. A word, a sword, a cloak at night is often Dameon Starwind.  

Peter in Gnomeland

Stephen Walters

How a bored young boy discovers a whole new world almost on his doorstep...

Cesra Tralak Part One

Tom Whittaker

Cesra Tralak is stuck with his soldiers in the cold mountains of Terra. Will his father send reinforcements?


Nicole Abrahamson a.K.a tHe PsYcho PiRAte

an ancient and feared god or demon-creature

the dragons call

andy schnall

the storys about a dragon who is calling for somone to fight him

Chapter One: Tavern

Alexandra Rogers

Friend or foe? Only time will tell

Silver Moon: Chapter Five

Heather Golden

About a vampire seeking redemption and help from a human woman

The Harp

Kat Clements

A desperate young man searches for the only one with the power to save his people...