Joshua and Annabelle (Part Two)

Hayley van Gelder

And now we continue thier adventures . . .


Stacy Goll

A poem of why we are here, of what life is.


Emily Kirsch

A collections of poem for an emotion.

In this Moment...

Michael Ballmann

I think this is one of the shortest stories I've written thus far. Loosely based on any sort of post-apocalyptic vision of the world found in numerous Japanese animation shows, 'In this Moment...' is really a short story about the conflict between hate and love and which one wins.

On the Way to Nowhere

Brianne Hughes

This is a poem... seriously. I was up late one night writing an essay on the Civil Rights Movement (waaay back in 8th grade) and I was hyped on caffine. Some how I got into the major fog and this is the story that laid itself before me. Take what you will from it :P

Here I stand ..

Jean Boree

Not sure where this one came from, but I guess its just a poem that asks what many of us ask.. .. why?

The Giants

Megan Hale

A cold, hard journey into day.

Here I Am

This was inspired by the Holocaust.8th.


Stacy Goll

A poem of disappearing.

Ravenperch Chapter 2

Danielle Mammano

i like the bond between these two ^_^

Palsadia - Part 1 (working title)

Lindsey Gemme

Palsadia is a foriegn princess and now married to the queen's cousin - and he is the next in line to the throne. Her home country is at odds with her new one. Where does she stand?

Myth's Opera

Lindsey Gemme

The Goddesses and Gods on Kopald are happy with their lot in life - until an interplanetary Ambassador God comes looking for help . . .