My Large, Obnoxious, Immortal Family

Annie Harrington

Have you ever wondered what retired gods and goddesses could be doing? I mean, after they become myths and legends, not many people worship them. So what have the Greek gods been up to lately, anyway?

Hermes: Chapter 20

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Some secrets are revealed... (and not neccessarily pleasant ones.)

Hermes: Chapter 21

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Resolutions are broached... sort of.

Hermes-Chapter 1

Ric a.k.a Hermes

This is the fictional 'autobiography' of my online character, the Olympian Hermes. It is far from being fact, I think I'll take out the first person aspect eventually, but for now I'm using that as a springboard to complete the story. I try to think what it would be like for me to be in these situations and how I would react to them to make the character a bit realistic. Although I think the realism of the story is a moot point considering the topic. I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you do or not. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

Hermes: Chapters 3-4

Ric a.k.a Hermes

This is the most unrefined part of the story. I have a LOT of work to do on it, but I wanted to put this section up to see if you all thought it might be a good direction to lead the story in. Let me know what you think about it. This is the beginning of the REAL story, where Hermes starts to find out about his true origins and what it might mean....

Hermes: Chapter 7

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Well, this is a rather short chapter, but it's essential for later. There is a lot of intrigue going on on Olympus, and Hermes is about to head right smack into the middle of it.

Alchemical Haiku

Vicki Nemeth

I'm worried that an explanation ruins a haiku, so read the poem before you read this.  Go on.---Okay?  Have you read the poem first?  Now you're allowed to read my winded shpiel.While studying Unicorns in the Man, Myth, and Magic encyclopedia, I came across the idea that alchemists would look for Hermes in the form of a unicorn to herald their success.  The article linked Hermes to the unicorn's androgynity (having a female body but a male horn).  After all, the appearance of Hermes during a successful experiment would mean being transformed into a being of spiritual "gold" without any bodily or social limits. This is my try at what an alchemist might say before being whisked off to perfection. It's from early 2009, by the way.

The Beauty Pageant

Maira Danner

The actual cause for the war of Troy

Hermes: Chapter 6

Ric a.k.a Hermes

It's not been easy being Hermes so far. It's about to get worse... ^_~

Hermes: Chapter 28

Ric a.k.a Hermes

I really do enjoy writing for this character... even when he's being less-than-stellar.

Hermes: Chapter 5

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Hermes finally begins to meet other gods. For those of you who might have read the other chapters before, I went back and made a few revisions. You might want to re-read them, or if not at least be ready for a little confusion later on. ^_^

Hermes: Chapter 11

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Now we introduce the latest Goddess in the Pantheon... Enjoy!

Hermes: Chapter 8-9

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Not too much to say about this... Hermes meets some more siblings and gets to know some others a bit better.

The Peacock's Tale

Hannah Ringler

A retelling of the story of Io, Hera and Zeus - I love writing retellings of myths!

Hermes: Chapter 2

Ric a.k.a Hermes

This picks up where I left off. Hermes now has to find out about himself, just like the rest of us, but his situation is more drastic than the majority of us. He has no more home or family, or friends.

Hermes: Chapters 26-27

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Civil war breaks out on Olympus. The Pantheon falls into two categories: those in favor of Hera, and those in favor of defeating Hera.From there it just gets even more complicated...

Chapter 22: Searching, again

Allison Dollar

I found I haven't uploaded these next three chapters. I thought I'd go ahead and upload them.

Chapter 19: Twice the Healing

Allison Dollar

The nineteenth chapter of this rather interesting novel. I would suggest you go back to the beggining, and read from the top. Not to say that you can't read just this chapter, but parts of it won't make sense. In this chapter... well... read!

Hermes: Chapter 25

Ric a.k.a Hermes

'Previously on 'Hermes' Adventures'...'Well, Dionysus was abducted, we looked for him, but couldn't find him...So now we go on living in the only way we know how... Enjoy!


Melissa Zayas

A retelling of the Greek myth about Medusa the Gorgon. This is the first part.