Overlords: Do's and Don't's Part 1

Amy Ames´ Perkins

The long awaited (first part) of my collaboration with Mikey's Zeno. This particular story stems from an extremely long exchange of main page comments followed by some quoting of 'What not to do if you are the Evil Overlord' Several versions of this list can be found on the internet. I used the one found here, but you can also find a similar list here. Though NaNoWriMo is taking up most of my time this month, I promise that this will be finished if only to stem the wave of insistent fangirls and Mikey. Enjoy! And oh my... a MC! *looks rather faint* Someone pinch me?*whispers furiously* And ignore those last lines at the end, they were hidden in the html markup, HIDDEN I tell you....

Atmida's Legacy

Rebecca Loofboro

Check out Atmida at my gallery! This is from the past of Aijalon. It is written from the viewpoint of Aoife Aloiread and as if she were including a short rendering in her memoires or something. 'In a land of mystery and intrigue one woman is able to see truth to purge Aijalon of the tyranny of King Zanriel Amoseth D’Valiere. This is her story…'

Wings (Chapter 2)

Jennifer OConnor

Enter the vase:)

Geni out of the bottle

Keli-Rene Sparks

Zeal thought she could handle anything that came her way; after all she was Geni. She’d been genetically engineered to be a bodyguard, trained to be a pilot; she could do things that normal human’s thought of as impossible. She’d gone out into the universe to save her home, but will it still be home when she’s ready to return?

Chapter 2: Underworld

Krystal Chunaco

Chronicles of the Red Dragon II: Underworld Kaira awakens to find herself in even more danger than before - the danger of losing someone dear to her.

Meet the Amazons, IX

Katherine Burt

Is anyone else impressed with Diana? If you're not yet... You will be. She's my kind of princess. But wait, there's more...

Meet the Amazons, X

Katherine Burt

Meet the Amazons is coming to a close, with just one more chapter after this. Never fear, another story with the Amazons will be hot on its heels. Hopefully. Here we have a heroic captain, a bunch of damsels in distress, and much more to contend with.

Why there are Bats

Rachel Morgan

I got an English assignment to write a myth and I *personally* think you might enjoy reading it.

The Scarlet Diaries

Michelle Koren

Chapter 02 of 'The Scarlet Diaries'...

Chapter 4 part 2

Jamie Wilkinson

This is the second installment of chapter 4. I particularly enjoyed writing the dream sequence, though I'm still not happy with the way it ends. Any feedback would be appreciated if you have a better idea for the end of the dream trance.

Erin of Calway in the Elit Etherweb

Richard Bruns

The Erin stories are undergoing some major revisions. The story that was here before did not fit the rules of the new setting, and it was not that good anyway. I should have a fixed version up soon.

Erin of Calway 5: Vanguard Rider

Richard Bruns

Observe Erin prepare for a journey that will cross the world.

When the Shadow Speaks Part1/ Chapter 1

Leigh Me

The firey spirited Bregita wakes from another haunting dream in which she is called to save the sorceress queen Dirwan from her royal captor. But what is the source of the dreams? And why is she compelled to follow?

When the Shadow Speaks Part 1/ Chap 4

Leigh Me

Bregita and Geoffrey, with cunning and a little brute force, fight their way through to reach the queen's cell only to find out that she...

Meridian Journal - Entry 02

Emily Graham

This story is to challenge myself to write in ways I detest and to break my writer’s block. This journal can also be found on livejournal: http://meridian-lily.livejournal.com/

(01) Whispers in the Dark - Beginnings

Meghan Engele

In this Prologue, you will be introduced to a secretive world nestled in a large valley.  This world has been in a state of blissful ignorance for ages, but a prophesy threatens to upset the balance and disturb the peace.  At this point, you won't be introduced to the female heroine, as she has some growing up to do.

The Tired Lands - Chapter 2

Theresa Shreffler

Leah is a boarder guard, sworn to protect the town of Outpost from the dangerous, magical creatures of the Tired Lands. But times are changing, and when the Midnight Train arrives with a cargo that could change the world, she finds herself irresistibly drawn towards the distant city of Sulligard, and the handsome sentinels that watch over the train. Joining the team of sentinels, she departs on an adventure to guide the train through the perils of the Tired Lands - but who knew her destiny could hold so much more?

'Sanguine' Prologue

Amanda Braton

An introduction to the main character Aurie, as well as the beginning of the book.

Hope's Bane Part A

Janice Holitzki

This is the story of a courageous elf, and her stuggle to rid her world of the sadistic humans. But something strange happens to our heroine when she attempts to assasinate one particular Lord.

Untitled - One

Brandy Jackson

This is just something I started recently, nothing fancy, just fantasy. Hope you enjoy!