The Spider's Dare 1: The Spider's Dare

Seth Borer

I have this in poem form, and now Im changing it to story form, hence stanzas.

A Galaxy Apart, Prologue

Kyle Arthur

The start of an adventure across several planets to find the source of a mysterious new foe. This is just the prologue to introduce the main characters.

The Coming of Asworn : Prologe

Jérôme Fournier

First true story i wont put up more until i have a couple of coment and i can correct my mistake in part one.

Saga of the Torchbearers, Part 1

Brendan Conway

This is the beginnings of a story idea i had. It's just the start, and I will be adding a part 2 later. For now, I'll see how you like this one.

Emryss: Epilogue

Alix Fowler

The Red Sun order its Scarlet Knights are the major force on the isle of Leihalcyone. Though they were once mercenaries, hired to help the islanders stave off the Armies from the mainland in exchange for land, they took Leihalcyone into its golden age, and ushered in a time of peace. Only one thing mars the Utopia, the presence of the Renegades, and the Vontulva. Defectors of the Red Sun Order, who threaten to bring war to Leihalcyone once more...

Curse & Vengeance

Nathan Ritter

I wrote this as a project for english. It has ideas and vocabular from Anglo-Saxon literature.

In Time of Need - Prelude

Orin Gaskins

This story is one that I had an idea for when I was wondering what to write on the rest of the other story. I hope that you like. I think that i might eventually change the title..a working title if you will. If you have any ideas on what I could call it tell me please. Comments welcome. By the way...there is more to the story than just the I write more, you may understand the prelude more...I just have to find time to write it.

The Heroes Time Forgot

Corinne Richards

One day I was just kinda wondering what happened to all the daring heroes and all the adventures they had when the people who imagined them stop believing in them, this isn't what I really wanted to say, but it just sort of wrote itself.

White Trinity Ch. 3

Raymond Conrad

This is the third and final Chapter of the White Lasin vs. the Dark Lasin

Chapter one: Destany (revised)

Scott Holland

this is the first chapter of a book i'm writing, which wil be the first of three books in a sieries called the age of darkness. I am still editing, so don't mind any mistakes, however, i would appreciate it if you pointed them out. i have no title for this book as of yet. made a few revisions so i uploaded the newer file. nothing big.

The Ridiculous Battle of Justice

Joshua Price

They're back! The Ludicrous League of Justice has returned to fight the Moronic Legion of Evilness and save Generica for their diabolical plans! Written 2/13/07 for my Creative Writing Workshop class. My professor asked us to try to include some humor in this piece, so I used it as an excuse to go all out and finally write that story stuck in my head, originally intended to be named Fatman vs. Dr. Atkins. Unlike the previous two I have done for this class, I was quite pleased with this one as opposed to being uncertain. In this one I introduce some new heros and a bunch of new bad guys, some of which have become my favorites. Some of the personalities of the returning heros has changed slightly, but for the better. I also am suspecting Douglas Adams has influenced by comedic style quite a bit. Anyone who has read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will probably recognize his influence. On a side note, converting the file from .rtf to .html ruined a few of the symbols, namely use of a 'n' with a symbol above it for a spanish word, a +/- sign, and the degrees symbol. I fixed these in the version below, such as writing out the word degrees or using the above style for plus or minus, so as to not impede your enjoyment of the following story. Update: 5/6/07 Since revision turned out to be mandatory in my writing class, I had to revise this too. Basically improved overall, grammar and wording fixes. Some new jokes, improved a few old ones. Most important thing is that I altered the ending quite a bit, which should be even more amusing than the previous one.

The End of the Beginning

Joshua Price

As mentioned in the Legend of Taur prologue, Zeradar discovered a vast history. This is it. The historian decided write it in a story format...ok, so actually I wrote it, but humor me, please. I don't know when the original version was written, but this contains some slight revisions and touch-ups that were performed on 7/23/06. I also made it look more like a historical document at the start. You know, I hate to add this, but on rereading this document a few days ago (9/27/07), alot of what is contained in here has changed, so parts of this aren't even accurate anymore. My gosh, my universe has changed more than I've realized! Update 11/17/07: Changed some names to prevent confusion with other stories. Namely, Josh is now Isaac, Blade is now Varus, the Phoenix Knights are now the Dominion Guard, and the Atma Warriors are now the Crimson Legion.

The Spider's Dare 2: The Spider's Name

Seth Borer

Part two. . .cause I wanted to get it up. I think this one clashes with the first, but that's not a bad thing.

A Galaxy Apart, Chapter 1

Kyle Arthur

The first chapter of the story, the squad attacks and destroys a rebel command centre in the once grand capital of Shanar; Ad'dar

The Forgotten Years, And The Forgotten Warrior

Jacob H. Chambers

This is about A man with no Honor, and did eveything he did for revenge.

The dawn of time?

Stevi Cook

not to sure on what to call it. but thats just like a guess..i guess, im not sure if ill finish it, i have 14 chaps writen out but not typed im not sure if ill get around to it, im still working on Twilight keep

White Trinity Ch. 2

Raymond Conrad

The second chapter of the White Trinity vs. the Dark Lasin story.

You, My Lord

Chelsea Castonguay

A ballad inspired by an ancient chinese poem, but this entirely different and is its own work. This ballad is about a girl who is forced to marry a stranger, but she comes to love him just as he is ripped from her, perhaps forever, by a war.

The Beginning

Jacob H. Chambers

This story is the prelude two four others. Three Hero's, The first one will win the war. The second will kill the enemy, and the third will save the world.