Phases of Divinity: Prologue

C. Chard

This is most likely to be revised once I get a better concept of the story line, but here’s the rough draft for now. I know it's kind of confusing, the next chapter should sort out and explain some things...hopefully. Please PLEASE comment! I already said in my bio that I'm horrible at beginnings so I really need to know if this is good or not. Ok? Ok. The title is subject to change...and mostlikely will. Did I mention I'm bad with titles too? *sigh*...

Annabell Lee

J. Shively

This was a story I wrote at the last minute for school. Its kinda rushed but I like it..

Chapter 6: The Song of Blood and Names

Henrik Lerdahl

The Grand Finale, the Great Climax: After the terrible disaster has struck, and all his plans have shown their ultimate consequences, Murkha makes a final gambit to save himself, his world and his companion. But will the desperate plans of a single over-proud magician be enough to stop the incarnation of the Nameless? And even worse: What will happen if he should succeed? EDIT: I have been informed that the small line included in a magical formula needs to be translated. It's in Sylvan (self-made lingo), and reads roughly like this: 'We give pattern to they who have no pattern. I dance sorcery on them and upon their life' More or less. For more info on Sylvan, don't hesitate to ask.

Freak High

H. Rummel

Ever feel like you really just don't fit in at your school? Wish you could go somewhere where everybody else is just as wierd as you? Welcome to Rosewood Academy for exceptional students, a.k.a. Freak High. Everyone here has a genetic aberration, caused by the ever-so-popular genetic tampering as an infant. Don't you wish the docs would just leave well enough alone? Update May 13: I've changed a few of the names, but nothing major....


Tina Stearns

A little story about some mischievous kittys. chapters one and two.

Carine - Jora

Michelle Krantz

Two parts that I will eventually merge, but I thought it'd be nice to let y'all know what's happened. In the second part, Carine is relating the story to Jora's High Priest.

Book of Goddesses: Chapter 2

Susannah Davis

Having found the first of the five chosen, Sanya the Bloodmage comes to the Court of Milendar, the centre of power for the known world. But in Crossroads sanya finds more thanshe bargained for, as a dark past awaits her there.

Night's Eye 1: Prologue

Eeva Kulmala

This is the beginning of a story I've been planning for 5 years or so... I have translated it on my own, and as English is not my mother's language, there minght be some mistakes... Tell me if there are some. And please, please, please comment!

The Ersatz Fairy

Danielle Agar

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I know this one was based on a particular fairy tale, but I can't remember which and I can't even remember the story. Magic enters a realistic modern setting and wreaks havoc as per usual.

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH2

Matthew Brown

chapter two

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH9

Matthew Brown

chapter nine

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH6

Matthew Brown


...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH13

Matthew Brown

chapter thirteen

Chapter Nine: Of Love, Journies, and Kings

Mandi Embree

Chapter nine is finally here after two months of toiling with my writing muse! ^__^ *dances in glee* Gaia shares her thoughts on love, Simnal continues on his Journey from the Shadow Lands, and Talyn returns to Mora...


Katie Evans

Forgotton are the Gods, but beautiful and strong some still stand. Kallysto is the Goddess of water.

Prologue: Magician, Man and Beast

Daniel Williamson

 Cycle of Life:Prologue Armoured knights trampled the village green to mud. To those caught in their path, they appeared to be bizarre monsters, their humanity hidden beneath hard, chitinous shells; razor-sharp swords gilded red in the most precious of substances - life’s blood.All around, the air was thick with despair as the wounded reached out to one another with open hearts. The dead pretended to ignore their fate. Some lay with their ears pressed to the ground, as if listening to the slow heartbeat of the earth. Others directed their eyes upwards, watching cinders trace a lazy arc through temperate skies.A shrill cry cut through the clamour of battle as an Arch-Mage, dressed in bright ceremonial robes, gave a renewed call to arms. The animalistic scream took to the air: a symbiotic blood-cry fashioned from a living soul, savagely pried loose from its corporeal holdings.The invaders moved in a grim dance as they engaged the unarmed villagers in combat. Each wore a filthy white surcoat emblazoned with the twin signets of faith. The ancient symbol, which comprised of two interlocking rings enclosing a stylistic pattern, represented the link between heart and mind. Some of the village elders recognized it for what it truly was: a powerful sigil designed to unify the men in single-minded combat. Such tactics rendered them unstoppable, as it was easier to control men through magic than the archaic bonds of brotherhood and loyalty.The invaders marched towards their defenceless foes; gazes filled with righteous indignation; cold hearts ablaze with lust for battle.Death it seemed possessed its own voice. Its horror rent the still morning air. Everywhere, horror overlaid beauty - a grotesque juxtaposition of life and death. Then, the wheels of time unfurled a new day - a day as bright as the blood spilled freely beneath it.As one, the army came to a complete halt. The soulless invaders coldly perused the battlefield. Bloodied and battered helms concealed deadpan faces and unseeing eyes. As a new and monstrous future was ready to be born,

The School Of Horrors, Prologue, Chapter One and Two

Michelle Chong

Two girls who are best friends and neighbours get accepted with a full scholarship into Townes Boarding High, an extremly famous boarding school. At first they are happy at their new school, but things start to grow weirder and weirder. The two girls wonder if coming to Townes Boarding High was a mistake... - Written year 2004

Two the Thistle Chapter 4

Christopher Heisserer

Since nothing has been seen of Ellu or Dractis since Chapter 1, I found it fitting to include this chapter, as well. It gives a strong overview of the world-wide character-development of races, individual characters of note, and further develops Ellu's dispassion for research, though he learns much from his studying.

One the Whistle Chapter 7

Christopher Heisserer

Since I have a conlang or two in the previous chapters, and Elfwood wishes everything to be translated, I'm leaving the complication and confusion of translating everything back to English off this site as much as possible. Sheaffer is a sylvan exiled priest and Chryn is a faery and five-year-old human Aspen (See Two the Thistle Chapter 4 for a better understanding of the races involved). Sheaffer had brought a pair of mercenaries to Aspen's house, and the mercenaries had killed his parents. Aspen stumbled across a faery ring a bit later, and Sheaffer tried to get him out, almost dying in the process. They instead charged Sheaffer with protecting Aspen, while Chryn was sent to make certain nothing happened to Aspen, as well. An off-kilter mother-figure, and a father-figure. Chryn isn't happy with Sheaffer, and in fact has reservations against him, especially for Sheaffer's living-tree armor. Okay. Hope that helps.

High Priestess

Crystine Cimiluca