Rhyme in my book

George Chang

So...no titles for this one, for there isn't supposed to be one...there are exactly nine syllables in each line...

The Unicorn's Egg

Annie Harrington

I don't exactly know where this one spawned from, except that I first thought of this (very randomly) while some of my friends were talking about a certain Australian crocodile hunter who seems to love wrestling and poking potentially dangerous and sometimes venemous reptiles (though that has nothing to do with this particular story). Enjoy!


Charlotte Geier

Imagine you are atop a lonely hill in the middle of the desert just at moonrise. Suddenly you are transported into a realm of myth and magic. You fall under a deep spell...

Short Beginning

Emma Ådahl

So, well, what sex is it already? -cough- ... These fellers came into my head this month (september) and wouldn't leave me alone until wrote something about them down. Hopefully more information and/or story to follow this piece.

Briars and their Roses

Cassie L.Rhodes

This is a fantasy poem about a girl who was trapped by magic because of her choices. Set in the middle ages.

Forever Shadow: Chapter I: Beginnings

Siegfried Baumann

This is the first chapter in my epic book Forever Shadow. The map in the beginning (if it even shows up) will be really small since I had to rescale it and will be hard to read. I recommend that you see my full map at my Elfwood art gallery to be found here.


Brian Buckley

Mirion is a made-up name; it has no significance besides sounding good to my ears. Hey, this is fantasy, right? Anyway, I'd say this poem leaves quite a bit open to interpretation on the reader's part. What do you think about it?

Beautiful Friend

Daniela Doyne

Also known as 'La Belle Dame'. (Yes, I know that means 'The Beautiful Lady' in French. Still. Friend works better in this case.) Written quite a while ago, since I haven't been working in English all that much as of late . . . I guess this is a tribute to all the friends I've enstranged over the years I'd had to move around, the times that I fell into depression and didn't want anyone near me. My way of saying sorry, I think.

Dream Story Part 2: The Railroad Path

Aspen The Marshmallow Flamingo' Taylor

Karrie and Lissa were running from their principal-gone-crazy, whose name has been changed to winnow franz... jsut so you know. they are still running... only at an incline... exciting eh? the next part is going to come soon... i hope.


Guillermo García

A short poen about water. Not much to say really.

Under the Hill

Rebecca Tompkins

This is my first attempt at a fantasy poem. I hope you all like it.

Cross My Heart: 00

Meg Milano

Well I haven' t uploaded in a while. Actually I haven't really written anything in while. But I'm jumping back in whith a whole lot more ideas and a way better understanding of how this story is going to pan out. I'm sad to say that I will not be uploading anymore of Where Fools Walk Freely, (or at least not in any chronological order) the best we can hope for are exerpts. The reason I'm doing this is because one day I want to publish it, and the story up untill know hasn't really been that interesting. You can email me if you like and Ill send you the few experts I have so far. The good news is that I'm delving right back into Cross My Heart, which believe it or not, actually came first. But then i realized that the story was much better if their places were reversed and Voila. Two (eventual) seires about the same world. Comments on this would be REALLY appreciated. Don't worry about my feelings, please. Also everthing I post up here is a really really rough draft, I'm a teenager, we change our minds. Haha


Emilie Finn

A fable. This story stands alone.

someone beyond

Joeri verheyden

a classic nature lovepoem

Rite of Faerie Age

Rochelle Watts

Behind my childhood home is a park. And in the park is a tree that was picked out for each member of my family. Mine is this pretty olive tree. And no, I never grew taller than my tree.

The Velvet Stake: Chapter 3- The Hill

Mandi Embree

Chapter 3 of the Velvet Stake entails another 'chance' meeting between Alexander Dark and Serenity Goode. His obsessions with her grow even though he's known her all of two days. Told in Alexander's perspective.

death hill

jake hilgartner

a group of rangers camp on a creepy hill, but they soon learn of the terrors it holds at night.

The Coven: Act I

Annika Nilsen

The first part of a series I'm writing. In this first part we meet two witches who's in a bit of a jam at the moment and are trying to figure out how to solve the situation. Comments and above all critisism are very much welcome.

Question Time For Death

Paul C. Turner

I was bored one night and this is what happened due to lack of anything better to do. Creepy.

Sources of Wisdom

David Daumit

A vignette about where revelations originate from.