My Mortal Maiden

Patricia Ulrich

This is kind of a response to Lindy 'Shanra' Kuepers poem 'Prince of Fae'. I kind of like it. Kind of. :P


Sarah Barnhart

a poem in a werid time in my life

How an elf got his name

Harry Bett

Short story about how an elf found the name for his son.

Falling to Them

Travis Martin

This is a song for Ryu

The Legend of Lazarus Part One: Agony

Dustin Blanton

Living in the Time of Christ, Lazarus leaves his mother to seek out the Son of God. But what finds him is a dark monster, a vampire. Will Lazarus be able to escape the Children of Darkness, a satanic occult of vampires? This is his journey through time.

Wyvern’s Project Three

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

Better late than never they say, had some difficulties getting this up (file didn't work) hope it does now. At an unspecified point in Crescentia's future the dread Damardhel return from their exile, led by the fierce Grand Captain Valcain. However when Valcain returns to the shores of his ancestors he must confront the ghosts of his past. I'm very happy that I was included in the Wyvern's Project, though I must admit I'm not quite pleased with the result. Starting late I feel that the story became too rushed, and feel unfinished. Having only read it through once it is probably filled with errors, but for all its apparent faults it has one great advantage over most of my stories: it is finished! Something I do not accomplish often enough for my own liking.

The Harp

Kat Clements

A desperate young man searches for the only one with the power to save his people...

Magic trouble chapter 1.4

Karel de Graaff

Karel opens the box and sees his presents


Rachel Miller

This is a short story that I had an idea for. This is the only part actually written. It's called vocabulary because I had a list of vocab words from class, and wanted to try and write them into something... and this is what happened! :3

Magic Trouble chapter 1.2

Karel de Graaff

Karel his first morning as a 16 year old boy

Dying words

Liz West

They called him an abomination, chaining him up and bringing him to the slauter. They say he can't love. Yet he found her.


Katrina Evens

Monsters aren;t human

Dreams: Chapter Four

Christina Stratton

Finally some wierd stuff happens, questions are vaguely answered (only to bring more) and an enemy or two is also introduced.

A Tale of... Pride

Bicskei (Draconida)

I don't really know where this came from.Maybe it was 'inspired' by the insane destruction of the natural world we,the humans of today,have to witness or take part in.Maybe I was just depressed.Maybe both.

Elgmar Chapter 1

Jonathan Snooks

The creation of the Universe as revealed by Elgmar the Oldest to Zartanimir the scribe of Raxus. OK, so it's really just a dumb story I wrote for laughs. I was told to specify that the non-English words in this story were made up nonsense words.


Angela Karr

Baynie countinues on his Journey home

Magic Trouble chapter 1.5

Karel de Graaff

Karel has his vision and the results are shocking.