A Secret Parting

Vincent Roland

A man has been living with his wife for many years but feels restraint and so decides to leave for an adventure to slay a dragon. However would you really leave what you've started in life?

Chapter 1

Emma K. Simon

This is the first chapter, and really doesn't say much except explain the start of a series of strange happenings.

A Bard's Secret-Chap. 8

Lisa Harbin

Owen and Gray return to his old home, the City of Gem, and to the home of Dragon's Keep.

I Am The Elf

Diane Reed

The musings of an Elf. A story in verse, a poem, no less!

Fighting In Ebony

Amanda Hopkins

After the great battle between two kingdoms, the heroes begin the long journey home. Could be a prequel, could be nothing. Who knows? Don't forget to comment!

changing home

Samantha Hosea

get lost in you own home...imagine that...

The Other Side OF Chance

Jackie Blanchette

this is a sort of sequal to the poem chance. Chance tells of the fate who gives lives, and the other side of chance is the fate that gives death

Welcome to Blue Lake

Jennifer Herrington

This is sort of an intro to Blue Lake. Introducing the readers, as well as Damian to the very... interesting world of Blue Lake.

Eternal Dream - Ch. 2-4

Jordan Druid' Rimer

Dael finds that all is not right after his 17th birthday. The girl in white reveals herself to him once again and explains what he must do to save his town from total destruction. also, a might be 'villan' is revealed


Lindsay Cooper

About a candle and it's lonely home...an old shack.

I Know the Way Home

Natalia Kostylev

I wrote this in my LiveJournal in the middle of the night several months ago. I don't really know where it came from, but I've become rather fond of it. It's more like a vignette than a story, but whatever. I prefer vignettes I guess, because they're more in the moment and they don't move from that moment. Anyway, the quote at the beginning is what inspired it... the guy was going to be a samurai specifically in the beginning, but as I realized I didn't really know much about samurais, I decided to stay vague to avoid insulting the samurai tradition with my ignorance.

The Dance of Freedom (pgs 11-15)

Shawn Reed

I hope you think it's still going well... You'll have some action in the next section (pgs 16-20), I promise. Anyway, until then, enjoy!


Mandi Huffman

Yet another English assignment from my 8th grade year. I like this one. I do have to admit, my stories are long...I just love writing. Bite me ;)


Galen Mayas

Sun Circles- Chapter 1

Jamie McIntyre

The Guardians choose who they will to protect, but for a price. The price is painful to pay when it is your voice, and it rips away everything you hold dear. A girl can only hope to survive in a world such as her own...

Kia-Ya Chapter 2

Sharon Taylor

Kia-Ya of Yarzen, leaves her home.

College Dragons Chapter 11

Michelle Appleby

Going home with John and showing him her home.

Sins of Passion ch.1

Shuo Chen

Chapter 1 of a collaborative piece I'm writing with my dearest friend, Anna Owomoyela, AKA magistrate (not an Elfwood member). We started out wanting to write something surreal, but you can judge what resulted. Enjoy?

Forever Shadow: Chapter I: Beginnings

Siegfried Baumann

This is the first chapter in my epic book Forever Shadow. The map in the beginning (if it even shows up) will be really small since I had to rescale it and will be hard to read. I recommend that you see my full map at my Elfwood art gallery to be found here.

Wings: Chapter 10

Jennifer OConnor

Gwen goes home again home again, Jiggity-jig.  Reunion is awkward.  More bitter than sweet.Written five years ago.Term Faerlyn used to make elves sound fancier :P