Excuses Excuses

Cori R. Trout

This is why I don't have my homework today. No, REALLY! This is EXACTLY what happened!


Mellissa Sweeney

For my fellow Graduates of the Class of 2002... this poem is for you ^_______^


Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 3 for a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' Lovingly dedicated to and inspired by my nephew Ian Rodovsky, now a young man. and a fine older brother of his two sisters.

Meeting my Muse

K Fink

Seringath Azteroth is a prominent character in all the stories I've ever written. It is here that I discover that he's been the one telling me these things all my life. There is a picture of hime in my sf/f gallery. ALSO it has been brought to my attention that who is speaking is confusing. I will fix that. CC is always welcome!

Lady of the Veils, Chapter 1

Michelle John

This is the first chapter of my novel, Lady of the Veils.  It is coming out this month in ebook format through Gypsy Shadow Publishing.  I am so excited about the whole thing; this is a dream come true for me. Here is the blurb, if anyone is interested. In a suburban town twenty minutes from the border of Faerie lives a young woman named Karen MacGregor.   Though she is the daughter of an exiled Faerie princess, Karen leads an unremarkable life full of homework, punk rock and old science fiction movies. When bloody civil war breaks out in her mother’s homeland her life begins to change rapidly. Her brother is presumed dead after his fighter jet is shot down over the Enchanted Forest, and Faerie’s royal family, including her beloved godfather, has been executed. Accompanied by a Fey Prince with whom she shares a forbidden love and armed with magic she never knew existed, Karen must lead a rebel force against an ancient and powerful enemy.

Densapien History

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

I came up with this to get a badge for Girl Scouts. I wrote it in about an hour and then forgot I even had it. Basically this is a history assignment by a teenage girl, a Densapien, talking about the fall of the A.E.P. and the origins of the Densapiens. I may be extending this into a novella, but for now this is more history homework than I usually do myself.

The Sa'Boah

Brandon Lee

An English essay i had to do for short stories. People said it was nice so i tot u might want to read it. And if u feel i need to finish the book for it just vote for it~ By the way, I have Re-edited the story to remove the typos and errors Do hope u all enjoy.

The Abominable Skzrunch

Eliza Hemington

This was a short assignment I had to do for French class. Don't tell my teachers, but I usually write them up in English first x_x Anyways, it was an oral, so think of me presenting this to my teacher, and also it was required to have 'skzrunch' in it, so I'm not completely insane... (A 2003 piece)

Nehelas Part II

Katie Erskine

Continuation of my creative writing story... thing. I'm changing the story bit by bit because i was up till one AM writing this, and trying to end it. Didnt work out very well...