Erin Bankhead

Ayrie takes her new companions to Culruch, where Brannoch learns the truth about his identity.

The Dream Walkers

Tiffany Kotasek

Probably one of my most dramatic pieces yet.

Dark Arrow: Prolouge

Christa Bigelow

Polsar is an elf caught in the midst of a trap of murder since he was young. Adriana is an outspoken, young woman who is trying to escape an arranged marriage to a Prince she does not love. When the two meet a series of events happen that change their lives forever. In this story of love, destruction, revenge, and hope there are surprises at every turn.

Of Players and Poets: 1

Lauren Christine

my new story, hopefull MUCH more organized than SOAQ, which has been respectfully retired. Enjoy! and OMG!! lol, ty liz i hadn't thought of that... no, 'player' is refering to a harpest... music playing... not 'playa' lol ^_^

Lazy Days

E. Hanna

I don't know what to tell you. I guess this is a sort of alternate reality. The story is to immense for me to see it all, so I've only been able to write a tiny chunk. Hope you enjoy it.

Star of Hope - Part 1

Maria Elmindreda L

This is a poem about finding the star of hope, the star each of us has.

mon âme a tourné sombres

Alex Heaney

This poem is part of my unnamed story. One character has been captured be the antaganist and wrote this poem to be born on the winds the ears of his lover.

Prophetic purpose

Glenn G. Foley

My first amateur creation, a dark, simple poem about a fairy-tale creature waiting for his destiny

Incomplete Poetry

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Just a couple of stanzas that popped out while I was questioning life. Obviously neither are finished. The first asks whether our own world is any less magical than the world of fantasy. The second questions why we allow hopelessness and apathy to descend over us in the face of disaster.

Complete Immersion

Brenda Dale

Mermaids have long captivated the hearts of sea farers...


Julie Campbell

This was a poem I did for my friends, you know who you are...

The Lady of the Marshes

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

My epic. So to speak. A long poem that actually has a plot, and my favorite completed work. Some people seem to find it odd that I have it memorized. The tune is a slightly mangled version of 'Hush, Little Baby.' After I wrote it, it seemed to have a bit of an environmental theme. Now and again, I try to think how I could make the rhythm a little smoother.

Hope 2 - All Hope

Amy Wilson

follow on from last hope Ok i know its supost to be after Last Hope but some how they got mixed around when i was uploading them i still dot know whether it was me or elfwood (i think it was me :o))

The Legacy

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

To Have Wept. Chapter III.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter may be about falling in love... or trying not to fall in love... or hiding from love.. or something.

To Have Wept. Chapter II.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter is probably one of the most important and yet one of the most simple and non-eventful. I think it gets easier to read from here on... ^.^

A paladin's way - the beginning.

José Cereceda

Here starts the story of Kaliel, a paladin and my favorite character (on AD&D). How he bacames a paladin and how he started his endless journey. Hope you enjoy it! Don't miss the others chapters (Posted here soon...) I know that it have some ortographical (Did I spell it well?) errors. Sorry 'bout that!


Kelsie Elizabeth

A question suddenly came to me- What if a shape-shifter, in all their countless lives, lost their identity? April 2003 1 1/2 pgs

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.