Red Crested Unicorn

Ezza Stevenson

It is about a Re crested Unicorn which i often like to draw, they are my own, made up breed of unicorn, i'll have to draw one and use it for an illustraion when i get the time, lol/

The Queen of the Forest

M Khan

This is the first fantasy poem i have made... its how i perceive the beatiful unicorn

Short Beginning

Emma Ã…dahl

So, well, what sex is it already? -cough- ... These fellers came into my head this month (september) and wouldn't leave me alone until wrote something about them down. Hopefully more information and/or story to follow this piece.

4-The Happenings at Nela-Niy

Jen Curtis

Chapter 4 of Horn Blade, The Happenings at Nela-Niy. The occurances around the haven of Nela-Niy, and its 'mythical' inhabitants.

5-Attack in the Night

Jen Curtis

Chapter 5 of Horn Blade, Attack in the Night- Kallen meets the hooded figure, but dark forces attack Nela-Niy and force the travelers to flee.

6-Towards the Mountains

Jen Curtis

Chapter 5 of Horn Blade, Towards the Mountains. With Eyali as a guide, Nara and Kallen head towards the infamous Dragonspine Mountains.

3-Forward Journey

Jen Curtis

Chapter 3 of Horn Blade, Forward Journey. The duo must find their way following a source of music through the forest.

With Nary a Hair

Abigail Fero

Demons are not made, they are born.

Golden Blood

Brian Cook

Poems have been something I have been experimenting with recently. I like to create my own formats and write them out. This one has no real rhyme scheme, but I have quite a few that do. 'Golden Blood' just made the first cut.

Unicorn's Lament

Kevin Meeks

This started with an idea I had about the typical RPG quest. This is a quest from a perspective that you don't think about often.

Raider 03: Arrest

Richard Lorenz

Our hero is found, bound, and startled. Then he gets hit in the head.

Shadow II

Eleanor Taylor

Part two of Shadow (It MIGHT be a good idea to read part one first!)

Golden Bridle

Daniela Doyne

Random moment of messing up concepts. What exactly would happen if a human and a unicorn fell in love? Which of those two would go insane first, who would be more hurt? . . . Yeah, I know I have no life.

7- The Dragonspines

Jen Curtis

The three travelers journey into the Dragonspine mountains and what they find there...

The Blue Room (for want of a better title)

Jesse Harber

Just something I knocked together while i was supposed to be studying for exams. As with all my stories, I hope to develop it more. i would like to say I have huge encouragement from my teachers at school, but my english teacher's not big on creative writing. Anyway, enjoy.


Nicolei Arnold

The house was quiet at midnight. I could find nothing else better to do than to listen to my boyfriend breathe on the phone. I tip-toed up to my room and stuffed my head under some blankets to drown out my voice when I talked. He was busy watching TV, and I hated being ignored. So I rambled on these simple words and decided to write them down. I thanked him after being so quiet.

Cobain's Quest

K. Gripp

A fairy tale that I wrote for a writing contest. The main character, Cobain, is based off my first horse, by the same name. It is just kind of a cute little children's story that I thought I should include.

New Sampler

Megan Crewe

Here are three selections from stories I've written in the past nine months, just to give you an idea of what I'm up to now. If you'd like to read more of them, I may give out full copies on a person-by-person basis; I just don't want to post them on-line as that might interfere with getting them published.

The Unforgiven

Jasmin Hudson

This is the rather dark story half to a poem I wrote a while ago. Freezing to death has always frightened me, so naturally I incorporated it here.

2-Dragons in the Clouds

Jen Curtis

Chapter 2 of Horn Blade, Dragons in the Clouds. Kallen and Nara are attacked by an unknown evil in the sky.