Random Necromancy: Biography Of A Dead Man

Tom Solomons

More GCSE English coursework. The fantasy side may be a little tenuous, but people don't come back to life everyday... 03/07/2005

Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

The New Machine Part 4: Extreme Ways

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

Reborn realises he is being used, and tries to escape by force.


Danielle Colman

This is my first (and only) really successful attempt at horror. I don't want you to be scared. I just want you to be thoroughly, thoroughly, freaked out. Enjoy, and please comment.

Wyvern Project 4: Johnny Walker

Richard Lorenz

According to the project guidelines, this is the story of a person who starts out very low in life. Johnny gets an incredible break. He turns his life around, affects those around him, and has the chance to change the course of life in a human city and an elven tribe. But will he throw it all away for revenge?

PK Chapter 1: In One Hour

John Diehl

 The opening chapter of my science fiction psychological thriller that follows a former S.W.A.T. officer who takes a job at a state hospital, and discovers a top secret project researching the psychokinetic phenomen.

PK Chapter 2: The Hallway

John Diehl

 Dave encounters the patient named Alexavier and experiences his first major psycokinetic event.

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in a mental hospital during 1872

Chapter 2

Emma K. Simon

Chapter 2! This is where we meet one of the main characters of the story and it's basicaly background information, that's all.

Black Companions

Daisy Gillam

I'm not really sure how this story came about.. It just kinda popped in my head, I suppose. Anywho, it took me a while to finish it, as I've been working on it on and off for a few months. *shrug*

Cathedral: Chapter 2

Matthew Akers

The story of Carrie the angel continues. Her escape from the hospital.

Elevator Angel

Nicolei Arnold

(The song from the story is the theme song to 'The Partridge Family') A small business building stood in the smoggy city. It was going to be a big business, yet it still needed work. A young man walks through the double doors with his briefcase, whistling and humming to himself. Inside, he walks over to the elevator and glances at his watch patiently.

Red Roses; chapter 4

monique Hout

Part 4 of the story.

PK Chapter 3: Lies

John Diehl

Dave's journey takes an even darker turn as Randy updates him on Grigore's plan.  He experiences an even stronger psycokinetic event. 


Jacqueline AKA Eilonnwy

This story is about a young epileptic girl who suffers brain damage. The story was inspired by real life events.


Johan Jartelius

An homage to Robert Rankin. In no way up to his standards. The toot that is talked is no-where near what it should be. And there's no pub in sight, though all the action is in a lunatic asylum, so that accounts for something. Please comment ruthlessly! 

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in an mental hospital in 1872

The Insane


About a Doctor and Patient in an mental hospital in 1872

The Crone

April Bloom

What takes you at the end? She does. Thanks!!!>>I have to credit the person who gave me the inspiration to write this. Sanna Jensen is the artist who made this happen! I looked at her picture, wrote a comment, and immediately wrote the story! Cool, huh? Click here to see the picture that I got the imagery from. Yeah, thats it... I am quite happy about this story, it turned out quite good may I say! I had some good fun putting in some of my reccently found favourite words. Gosh! It was great! I hope you like it, comments are wanted! I'm always in my own world, I don't have a clue unless you tell me where I have gone right or wrong! Just a warning, this is slightly shorter than the other stories on here, no particular reason but it just seemed unnecessary to drag this out too long. Just ANOTHER story that is centred around death. No real reason except the fact that I'm trying to shed a little light onto the topic. NOT EVERYTHING THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IS EVIL! So neither is death.

Free and Loved

Charlene Longwell

This story is about a cute little girl.