Reap What You Sow - Ch1

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's trigger happy ways have, yet again, landed her in deep trouble. But does Joss realise just how deep her troubles are??

Silver Eyes ~part III~

Callie Richardson

this is part three of our hot story....annywaay, part one will be there in a really long time actually really soon sure uh...we're cool and hot.....

Small Heros Chapter Two

Kristin Langlais

This chapter follows Isaiah (also known as Mazet) and what had happened to him. The elvin prince Azreb is also in here. Please give me your honest feedback. Thanks!!:)

One end

R.E. Kankaanpää

I'm not quite sure... It's improvised, did it at school. First I thought I was gonna save him, but then I guess.. I just didn't bother. I suppose it's clear enough. I think it's a sort of parody. But that's up to you to decide. And nitpick.

Reap What You Sow - Ch4

Rebecca R. Lally

Lomax may think that he is having a bad day, but nothing can compare to what Joss is about to discover. And, unfortunately for our girl, things are about to get a whole lot worse! Note- this one gets a little icky... You've been warned!


Callie Richardson

After a bloody battle, a critically wounded soldier makes his way to the evil king Kainan to ask for mercy. But some aren't always willing to forgive...

April Fools

Amory Koch

Title due to the inspiration, April Fools day, too much heat and entirely too much Calculus. Fairly autobiographical, but also quite embellished. So- inspired by biography? Basicall, I was wondering about being abducted, made up a race and ran the scenario. It actually has an ending! Whee! Of course, sequels and companion shorts are in the works. Sigh. Ah, well, at least I haven't run out of things to write, that would be horrible.

Reap What You Sow - Ch3

Rebecca R. Lally

It can be hazardous to your health to be acquianted with Joss, especially if you are a Pixie. But now we get to see how our girl deals with vampires... and pesky hot guys!

Jenn, Chapter 1

Robert D

Another old story.

Haunted Rain

Danielle Like A Fox' Foster

(One shot. 'Nother ditty for an english assignment.) Does one dare to enter The Rain?

Reality ~poem~

Erica Martin

I wrote this a long time ago...I found it in a stack of papers from 6th grade. I re-vamped it a little. I like the opposites in it. I hope you enjoy it.


Emilie Katter

Um...I had a sunburn... >.<

The Hot Tub War

Rondel Linder

Do you ever get tired of stories about wars that are happening for no apparent reason, or at least not one that makes sense to you? Remember, in the end, all wars are about resources - who has them, and who doesn't, as you'll soon see...

Reap What You Sow - Ch2

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's punishment is going to be a little more than she can handle. Not to mention the fact that some guy keeps staring at her chest!!!

Horses of the Elements Part I

Beth Wren' Sanger

Part I of my story about elemental beings that take on the shape of horses.

Hot and Steamy!

Bill Tillman

Hot and Steamy! A relationship between a witch and a Druid's egg.

Intoxicated Content

Shuo Chen

Forgive the title, I couldn't think of anything else. Very much influenced by Renee Rossi (Elfwood poet). Do you like?

Death is Overrated- Murder Isn't

Heaven Benford

What do you do when you're the best private investigator of your time? Some even compare you to the great, fictional, Sherlock Holmes. What do you do when you have a city full of crimes that no one can solve... logically? What do you do when you're exposed to the world of the supernatural? Would you observe it at arms length... or embrace it.