Katie Barnes

Dasadia is a lonely vampire who has a mission to find out if the human-seeming Alexia knows what he is

The silver brooch - Chapter Four

Maria Elmindreda L

Did Miriel finally find shelter for the night ? Read and find out. ;)

chapter 9

Opal Parkison

This is another one that was removed for a while because I had been thinking about publishing my story... never mind that. The Children are taken to the house of Lebri and Feriluc before their journey continues. Aivren remembers some bad memories. This is a fairly short chapter.

The Clockshop Wolf

Annie Harrington

A story about a wolf whose greatest interest are clocks. . . with a mix of the Grimm Brothers and a bit of Aesop. Thank you Mods!!! 10.26.05.

Vampire's Eyes

Cathryn M. Gillespie

Just about what a Vampire might say if you asked him/her what he/she is.

Lost to Time - Part One

Aideen Solasta

It's a short short story I did for school. I probably won't add a part two for this. Likely very influenced by R. A. Salvatore. Thanks to the Mod who chose this piece! ^^ (Sept. 14, 2004) Dedicated to and edited, probably numerous times, by Rachel H. Thanks, Rachel!

Chapter 1 of Tools of Man

David Mountney

This is the first chapter of my story. I won't deal a lot with magic until about the third chapter so please be patient. I'll try to get the next two chapters up in the next couple of weeks. For the dictionary for this story go to: http://demo4amodiasart.bravehost.com/dictionary.html

changing home

Samantha Hosea

get lost in you own home...imagine that...

Times Like These

Jameykay Young

He comes once a week. Unplanned. That's the way he likes it.

The Children of No Innocence Chapter 5

Jinni Blanchard

Phanome takes the 'children' to get their things and no they don't run away from him for certain reasons. One reason being that they are curious. They all see werewolves when in the forest around Phanome's house. You'll find out more about them in the next chapter and even more in the one following that. Anyway, they get to Phanome's house right before the sun comes up.

House of the Rising Son

Hans Liu

Started listening to the House of the Rising Sun, and thought it would make a good title. And hey, I've always wanted to do a poem about the vicious cycle that engulfs the power hungry. =P

Oak Roses

Jeanette deBoer

In which a house fights back. Barely edited, a possibility of typoes and spelling mistakes etc. If you see anything really distracting, yell. At me.

Dream or Reality?

Kiki Smith

A peom I wrote in grade 6...so three years ago...just kinda a little freaky thng

The haunted house part 2

Adrian Lai

I wrote this one year after the first haunted house story. This was just for fun, but this time, I thought I would create a much happier ending :)

Usher II

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

I wrote this as a class assignment. We'd just read Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, and were supposed to rewrite one of the stories from our own viewpoint, as if we ourselves were in the story. I chose 'Usher II,' a story about a man who resents that society is trying to make fantasy go away, and wants to make a point by recreating some of the old stories in a new and much more solid way. It supposedly takes place on a Mars where it is easy to breathe. Bradbury might have written the story for a similar assignment after reading works by Poe.


Eric Hopkins

A young man wonders why his lonely farmstead is being attacked by dragons.

Fallen From Heaven Chapter 2

D. Flagstone

Alec continues to wonder where Mitsu came from as she starts to get used to her surroundings.


Jym Greenfield

Bad horror story. Only, its not supposed to be a horror story. KEEP THIS IN MIND. Pretty much, pages 2-3 a straight out of a dream i had, and i was so enthralled by the idea i turned it into a story. yay.

New Beginings

Joseph Laughman

The end of a kingdom at the hands of an unkown race

Tales of Rachel Riding Hood ~ Conclusion

Stephanie Walls

This is the final section of my short story which I created for my cousins. It only took me five years to get it finished. Well, better late than never I always say. It seemed fated not to be here actually. I've had a horrible time trying to get it uploaded.