How to Conjure Wind and Water

Clara Underwood was late, and I was tired...? ::grin:: But! I managed to interpret it so that I could tell you what to do...I think....

Wings 7 (Forgiven)

Brandon Lee

When all is not lost... You will know how to stand again

The Night 3 (Lonely Nights)

Brandon Lee

O how the demons can warp the souls and mind of a broken man

Bite Chapter 7

Amory Koch

I swear I got all the naughty words this time. I'm sorry moderators! *is shamed* If this one still has the three deadly words I will get legions to sift through its letters with lice combs! I re-read the whole thing (and cought a bunch of typos, actually) and searched the document with the find tool. Gomen. Anyways- this story is a pain and very naughty mouthed. But, now is all soap-maouth-washed. Finally more vanpyrs, explanations and some plannings. Next chapter more violence, quite a bit in this one, too. *evil grin* This chapter is also longer than my others. So, yes.. enjoy and thank your gods if this is updated for I apparently am blind, stupid and a horrible editor.

How an elf got his name

Harry Bett

Short story about how an elf found the name for his son.

How to Compse a Sun

Amanda Bills

Ever wondered how our sun returns to the sky after each setting? Read this essay with the intructions on how to bring back the earth's life-giver. Written for Honor's English 2005 Portfolio assignment, the Creative Process How-to Essay.

Kloe of the Amazons 1: My Life.

Jamie Anders

A young girl whom has grown up in the shadows of Amazon Warrioresses. Is she really the shadow or the true Queen? You decide.


Victoriana Ravenscraft

(FYI: a yarn is a tall-tale) This is another story we were to write in 8th grade Lit to explain in any way possible how the world was created. Hope you like!



 A place where somebody can choose their destiny, and live with their decisions.


Kim E. Hjelm

this is a longer one about questions in life and why? things happends