- Hyperion Prologue

Jaymes M. Thompson

Prologue. A routine patrol on Mars turns deadly when an unknown enemy mech cuts through the patroling battalion's one-hundred plus Exoskeleletons like a hot knife through butter.

The Story of the Nemesis (4)

Cly Novak

This is the fourth entree. This is where she meets her life long friend, Plague Scar, the adopted father of several dozens of cubs later on. He hasn't met with Hellcat yet (she's not even born yet). The end pretty much gives away the next entree. Sire chokes on raisins, but doesn't die, unfortunately. No, he's not dying for a little while longer. I'll eventually get back to writing it, one of these days. (*goes off and daydreams*)

Article of South Oaks Prison Execution

Chelsea Pizio

I'm wanting to write a new story of a picture I've drawn. I don't have access to a scanner yet so I don't have a way to show you the picture. It's a stoy of an executioner spirit, or maybe to be considered an immortal demon, by the name Verdugo. I'm wanting to incert articles and tid-its of information from past cultures to decribe Verdugo as others have seen them. I guess it's hard to explain now, but as soon as I finish it, you'll understand. This excert talks of a reporter who read diaries and documents from a prison that was suspected for being owned and run by a cult before its destruction due to structural defects.

The Huge Axe

Michael Persson

A poem about the legendary axe, huger than all others and eternally sharp.

The boy of the sword: prouloge

Eytan Weignsberg

this is the start of a story i wrote when i was about 12. its funny how i wrote then isnt it. i cant believe i even wrote this.;D

Hyperion - Chapter 1

Jaymes M. Thompson

Chapter 1 of Hyperion.