Magical Music of Malignancy

Tyson N. Jewell

I dunno, I was bored, angry, and inspired all at the same time. Man kills village with odd type of music.

Seeker's Truth: The Taos Hum

Morgan Grover

This is part of the ongoing project: 'Seeker's Truth'. The Taos Hum is a low frequency hum / throbbing noise that is heard my the citizens of Taos New Mexico. There have been multiple research projects that have looked into the noise, along with several theories. It was also featured on Unsolved Mysteries. You can read more about this strange phenomenon at the link below.

Nilud's Struggle

Laura Biles

I really don't have ANYTHING to say about this story other than I really enjoyed wtiting it. Most was done in tech class. Recently I have added to this.