Alexandru Moisi

A story about dragons but mostly about choice and free will. Part of the wonderful Herscher project

Blood as Wine

Kostas Mavros

This is a poem about a vampire who loved a human,but they had to be separated when she died and he had to live on...

Who is She?

Melanie Mitchell

A brief account of what went through a vampire's mind when he met a beautiful young woman 50 years after his death.

The Sun Still Shone

Michelle Hart

This story actually made it into my school magazine. I thought of the last paragraph first, and then wrote the story around it.


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A poem about the night sky, and humanity.

One Stepped Down

Brian Armitage

This was another decent poem among those I submitted to my English teacher. It is based on 'One Angel' by Ann Snodgrass (my assignment was to find and existing poem and try to duplicate the style). So, without plagiarizing, I have created something that is hopefully fairly nifty.

My Bloody Sin

Caitlin Swinford

This is a vampire poem. The vampire, of course, can't resist blood, however he/she wants to retain the last bit of humanity he/she has and doesn't want to be a monster or a sinner

The Kill

Steven Crowley

This poem is about a newly transformed vampire, questioning why he must kill in order to survive. As the last stanza indicates, though, he eventually forgets his hesitations. This serves as kind of an analogy to manner in which humans adapt to whatever role they are forced into, even those unsavory.

Living the Dream

Erin Smith

It's a science fiction story set in the future about gaming and people...I'm just going to post what you write in the search words box because that best describes it: virtiual reality dream feel brain chips wire womb love romanace loss humanity program divorce insanity, and anything but sterotypical...initially called Sci-Fi Candy

Tides of Time

Laura Chase

Went into another metaphysical/philisophical mode. What do you think it means?

The Android Wars 1 - When Androids Cry

Allan Johansen

This is the first story in a series of three that I used as hand-ins for assignments in English. The subject for the first assignment was “A.I – can man and machine coexist?” My teacher asked if I wanted to do a story for the assignment. Why not, I thought, and began writing. But it would be too easy to do a typical “humans good – robots bad” type of story, so I tweaked it a bit. Yes, there are robots in this story. And no, they’re not nice. But then again, humans aren’t exactly paragons of virtue either...

The Last One

Emma-Jane Smith

It's a little weird this story and it seems i'm always writing about the possible ends to different worlds... *sigh* but what can you do? Enjoy but it's not my best work.


sarah-amy haley

He didn't begin the downfall. It wasn't his fault...


Nicolas Urban

A young explorer has just discovered a new planet. From orbit, she hasn't detected any clue of animal life, despite the optimal conditions. With the disappearance of her ship, two weeks after her landing, she'll discover the reason of that strange fact at the cost of her humanity. This novela touches a good number of my favourites themas : sci-fi, changes, and research of self. As for Electric Poetess, I wrote this novela not a god telling what's happening, but like a confident, living the story at the same time as the character.

Sign of Blood

Anita King

This is another one of those poems that came seemingly out of nowhere...


Peter Bellisario

A poem about facist rebellion.

The Age of Machines

Kris Hogenbirk-Toohy

What we might become.

Residue (poem of sorts)

E. Hanna

For the original text which inspired this work, see http://www.ivow.net/vow/files/modules/hamlet2.html And old William thought he'd squeezed the last drop of pathos out of that little paragraph: well I was arrogant enough to try for more. Plus a little ironic humour, what I think was Hamlet's greatest atribute.

The Android Wars 2 - Soul of an Android

Allan Johansen

This is the second story in the hand-in trilogy. The subject for this assignment was “feelings and emotions” and since I had already made one story... So I began writing another story. This story toyed with the idea of machines with feelings. I tried to blur the lines between man and machine. After all, if machines could feel, then it was only a question of flesh vs. metal. The war is still on. And both sides are hurting...

A Light Along the Path

Amanda McCallister

When the mind ventures into another plane of existence, sometimes lessons are learned in quite a different manner...