The Cursed Wallet

Jennifer Watkins

During summer school, I had some really dumb english assignments. Since I'm actually very smart in english, and only failed the stupid class in the first place because of attendance, I was a genius in the class. Heh..We had to write a story starting with 'On my way to 7-11 I found a wallet on the ground.' Well, most people wrote whether or not they kept it. I, kinda took a different route...

George The-Not-Quite-A-Saint And The Misunderstood Dragon

Silvannen Gerrard

Here is the sequel The Princess, The Dragon And Harry The-Not-Very-Brave  and is the second part in the Saga of The Misadventures of Harry The-Not-Very-Brave. However, this story can still be enjoyed without having read the first one (though it is recommended). This is my take on the legend of Saint George, and was inspired by a beer poster that I saw a while ago. Once again, it is at least meant to make you smile if nothing else. Hope you like it!

Behind the Scenes 2

Désirée Dippenaar

'Death of a Characteriser.' In which Anaia finally dies - almost. And a lot of other chaotic and crazy and silly things occur.

Jake and ethan

Craig Charles

this is something i wrote while at work and very bored :)

Being evil is a hell chapter 3

Rikard Molander

Well, this is the final part. Read.

Let's Poke It...

Bridgette Chaffey

So, after reading the fantastic and very skilled Laura Soret's 'A Conversation With Ones Self' I was inspired to create this work of utter and complete madness. It was inspired by those three little words: Let's Poke It. It features Will and Tristan, two brothers who everybody thinks are gay... :D God, I love annoying my characters! Will: Ahem, dont listen to her! She's bonkers, crazy, mad, a few french-fries short of a happy meal, you know- insane, and she made that up. WE'RE NOT GAY, DAMN IT! Tristan: Damn straight we're not. Anyway, he's more of a pansy than I am. *Bridgette gets control of her keyboard again* Thanks for that boys, now- READ MY DUOLOGUE! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Rachel Lawlor

The story speaks for itself, I suppose. It's exactly 100 words (including the title), so just read it.  Has now been edited for better word choice.  Wee!

The Frog Princess Confessions

Manda Maggs

A story written ages ago in high school. But I still like it.

The Tragedy of Rapunzel: Another Fairy Tale gone Wrong

Manda Maggs

Similar to my version of the Frog Princess. It's not that i don't like happy endings, I just hate it when they are predictable.

Being evil is a hell chapter 1

Rikard Molander

Are there any failed evil people? Of course there are. They have just as much trouble as the hereos have. Yes, this was inspired a bit by Pratchett.

Tears of Sardonyx: Kteria - Prologue

Skyler Crouse

After falling through a rift in the space time continuum, Adela Leafshanks must now unravel the Secrets and find the Key to the Door of Space and Things That Make Sense alongside a cast of rather barmy characters. The Galaxy will never be the same...Parts in bold are from Adela's perspective. In this Prologue we find out how Adela enters the rift, as well as her meeting with loopy classmate Aurion Mistytongue. I drew the illustration of Aurion under the pseudonym of Miriam Doyle on my dA gallery. The original image can be found here: