Hunger -Poem

Elizabeth Avent

I wrote this because I was moved by a peice KI Johnson did. She is an awesome artist. Click here to see her drawing!!!!

Pass the sauce

Steven James

light hearted humor of a bunch of dragons and their meal.

Julia's Poem

Kazz Leer

A poem describing the story of Julia and Panos.(Please read Story first)

Love's Bite

Ailyssa Phoenix

Two lovers share the ultimate intimacy.

Lights Out

Vicky Barrett

Here's an example why I make the bestest childsitter ever. A poem about...Fairies! Enjoy, praise and worship my artistic brilliance and genius.


M Mmmmm

Just a start (or finish?) to a story about a female vampire trying to escape...

Poem: Unbearable Death

Inge van den Broek

Poem about a Blood Hunter, who was in love with a mortal, but knew she would never be able to bring him over to her side T_T isn't it sooo sad? When he asked her again, she gave in , but in the end, he dies ;_; I made some changes, but I still doubt: 'And you no more are bound' used to be'But you still are bound' 'I hear your voice| Even in my grave' was: 'Now here come the boys| To put you in your grave' And 'Now I am alone| I’ve lost you| Unable to moan| I’ve killed myself too' used to be: 'I am alone now| I lost you| To your soul I bow| I’ve killed myself too' any idea's suggestions??

My Sisters’ Sorrows (poem)

Eliza Hemington

A recently completed poem in iambic quadrameter. Critiques would be greatly appreciated. I am currently debating the addition of a few stanzas as well as overall expansion. (A 2004 piece)

The Story of the Nemesis (3)

Cly Novak

Here is the thrid entree. Not as sad as the first two, but sad enough.

In the Storm

L. K. Saletti

A short poem written while listening to music.

A dragon's death I've died before,

Brian Hong

Still, still, I hunger for more.

Birth of a vampire

Kai Slettebø

This was meant to be a poem of a vampires birth, and how its life out folds. But I came to a point where it just stopped... Maybe I'll finish this one day.... The day has come, I feel it sort of falls under the same plae mood as most of my work but, hey! that's me, you ither like it or you hate it. but enough ranting, read it and be sure to gimme some comments, they always make my day. Good or bad that's up too you.


Nielda Ramos

A poem of a little demon I like to call hunger


Erin Washburn

Another poem of mine, something pulled from the tangles of my mind and something I tried to make sense of.


Helen Pye

This poem's about a feeling of change as a creature of the night stalks it's prey. It could be a werewolf or a vampire - take you pick.


Nickolas Dilmore

A brief poem with vampiric overtones.

Dark Heart

Ira Robinson

A story delving a little into the thoughts that go through the mind of a predator. I think you'll enjoy it :D

Another Thing Coming

Imelda Weijers

A very good friend of mine, Lord Crusan, asked my help to write a description for one of his images. I offered to write a poem instead. A small version of the image can be found beneath the poem (posted with his permission). It's so small you can't even see what's in it. The original can be found here. Please take some time viewing the rest of his gallery.

the hunger

Melissa J

the pleasure of food - the desire to satisfy the hunger is always overwhelming


Ketutar Jensen

A Vampiress recalls her first days as a vampire, back in 999 A.D. A girl gets a second chance after the brutal murder of her and her family.