Golden Moon p2

cassidy elaine

young woman falls for a Brazilian native who transforms into a jaguar every night.

Storm Bound ch1

Jake Thomas

My first attempt at horror/fantasy. I've never been a fan of standard horror movie cliches, so I wanted to do something scary and unpredictable. Except its not totally unpredictable, as that would be too predictable! The story is about a small village militia on the hunt for a band of Wildlings who raided there village. Meanwhile, a storm brewing

Stormbound ch2

Jake Thomas

The hunters catch up to their quarry...

When the Night Hunts

Meagan Sears

Okay, I'm sorry about the title of this story, I don't think it's a terribly good one, but I came up with it at 2 in the morning, so please cut me some slack. Okay, onto the story itself.'s kinda in the middle of another story, but this bit wanted to be told first, I guess. I realize it's a little confusing at first, but please bear with me. Ummm... I hope you like it. Please leave a comment. Constructive criticism is good. Oh, and please tell me if you want me to continue writing this one, or if I should just give up. Thanks. :D

Losing Blood Chapter Three

Stacey Twiggs

Things are not as you origionally assume they are.

Losing Blood, Chapter eight.

Stacey Twiggs

Lenaye finds Morgan and Preston and Lectures them, shortly after being found by two vampires.

A Night In The Life Of

Karen Stevens

This is a short introduction piece about a couple of characters I'm writing about in a 'dark world' series with vampires, weres and so on. They work as monster hunters for the Non-Human council. All comments/constructive criticism welcome!


Susan Remondi

i like the keywords

Mystic Land

Sarah Sparks

A poem about the land of the unicorn.

Hunters: Part 4

Josie Barrett

Part 4 of my Hunters story 

Hunters: Part 3

Josie Barrett

Part 3 of my Hunters story

Hunters: Part 6

Josie Barrett

Part 6.

Cepheus the Manslayer

Piki Serpa Centeno

This morning i was cleaning my old desk, and found this story on a scrap of paper, the original one was longer and had a lot of boring junk i edited, so the story would be interesting. It tells the story of two hunters, Hippias and Euphadimus, who went out to the eagle peaks in search of the Manslayer , a deranged black unicorn. Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this story? You be the judge.

crimson chapter 12

Alyssa Green

the plot thickens...I think. Anywhoo, sorry its taking so long to upload all this stuff, I'm currently on chapt. 15, and have some excitement heading your way! Yay! *trips over a pile of books*

'Glyneth Argonis, Vampire Hunter' Chapter One

Danielle R. Marciniak

Vampire Hunter Glyneth Argonis worked solo for all of his life, but its time he consulted the best Vampire Hunting Agency to help stop the Clan Leader Glisglaros, a Vampire with more than a thirst for blood.... but this is only the tip of the iceberg...

More Wine!

Anson Brehmer

This tale was inspired by something that happened during a session of D&D. Some things can drive a man to drink...especially if he wants to forget them bad enough. (Last Update: 6/8/04)


Anne Vea

We see werewolves and shapeshifters as monsters but what does the world look like from their point of view, and what do they think off us.This story is influenced by the works of my favourite norwegian sci fi fantasy writer.

Rush Introduction ~story~

Erica Martin

Welcome to my favorite story so far. It's on-going and a cyberpunk story. I'm trying to keep the chapters short and sweet and I would love to hear everyones ideas and comments about 'Rush'. Thanks.

The Nekrosmantian: Intro

Brandy Elliott

The story of a Nekrosmantian who's fighting against the paranormal entities trying to destroy humanity; all the while trying to keep from being hunted herself.

Unknown Past: Chapter 5

Jennica Fudge

This time we meet another vampire, introduction of a second line, strain or family (whatever you want to call it). Um... Hunters.... That's about it... Let me know what you think!