Goblin Girls

Laura Peregrin

This is a goblin love story. It is written for my fiance, because it's his fault really - he dared me, said that there couldn't be a goblin love story. Well here it is...

Changing Alistair

Eric Hopkins

A man tries to convince his son to slay the dragon who healed them.

The Nekrosmantian: Empty Handed

Brandy Elliott

The albino Nekrosmantian joins up with a Hekaad who're unkowingly hunting a phantom. Once they're clear what it is they're after, they realize they're going to need her help and so begind the partnership which leads them back into town only to end up empty handed.

Dream a Unicorn

Lori Anne Alcantara

Despite being an old poem (2000) I can still see its charm.

What They Deserved

Elethia Rex

About a werewolf angered at the sight of a dead wolf.

Night Chills

Jaden Knight

Kava 1: Well Met

Katherine Burt

Originally, this was just going to be a short story. But it refused to stop... Now it's become a five or six part monstrosity that I enjoy. A little more stereotypical in its feel than most of my work, but with my own edge. In other words, you'll probably know the end halfway through the story, but hopefully you'll sill have fun getting to said end.

Black Cat

Mary Bailey

The glory of the hunt.


Doug Clitheroe

This is a brief story about Cedric, somewhat more of an episode in the 'Story of Cedric'. Cedric is my SCA name so in essence this is who I wish I could be. Anyways...

The Elves Worst Assignment

Noel Berman

Wrote it about the picture. I don't know if I got the picture html right.. if not, go check it out in my loth gallery, if you're so inclined.

Spiritwolf - Blackmane

Adam Stevens

A lone wolf saves a group of morphic slaves shortly after their transformation. Sorry, short again. *Note. This has now been updated and expanded*

The Wastelands

Tyler Yoder

First in (hopefully) a few chapters about a post apocalyptic world. This is the hunting of the mutant.

The Hunting

Cedric Rominger

Well, this text is ... a little story. At first I wrote it for my friends.

The Dark Becomes Darker:Prologue Part 3

Dave Duguay

The End of the Beginning. Introducing little Jarm Arken.

Bigfoot Hunting v1.0

Gr4nt Br4nd0n

This is a nice litte tale i wrote for english, maybe i'll add on, comment!

Sithael Chapter 1 - Riding a unicorn

Rachel Boyd

A girl enters the magical world of Sithael.


Laramie Kelley

This is something I wrote during a workshop for Mr. Kolterman. When we read it out loud, the comments I got ran along these lines: 'Wow' I like it. I hope you do, too.

The Hunter's Song

Keya Paul

Well, I wouldn't have put this up here because poems aren't things I'm very good at, but I decided that it was good enough...it doesn't really seem like it fits in Wyvern but it goes with the Hunters in most of my other stories (not just Night of Magic, though at the moment it's the only one with Hunters in it)...I was trying to think up something a Hunter in my world would sing and came up with this...it isn't the best but it's not the worse I've ever created...

Hum, hum, goes the drum ...

Esther Wetzel

This is the poem I wrote to guide my tour through nice cave paintings of Elfwood: 'Back to the Roots: Into the Caves of the Woods!' (The picture is one of my own.) Update: I put the verses is a better order!

Msitu Gets An Ostrich

M. (Mharaaki)

Msitu; My schizophrenic universe-destroying grade A loony with a Ph. D on TLK MUCK. n.n This was written shortly after the Zuri'misala's big storm TP, when Msi' decided that she wanted an ostrich to conquer the world. So. I wrote this story. And as for her spammy usename -- Mantrid Jeremy Hillary Boo Ph. D with a hole in her pocket -- , it's rather a long story. The 'Mantrid' came from the time I'd decided that I needed a character like the Mantrid from Lexx, and that was fun to RP. So was the time she decided she was an inventor, and the short splurb where she was a Nowhere Man. Yes, I'd just seen Yellow Submarine. Anyway. The guy who speaks in tildes (Banu) is one of the Drem Frogs-in-training In Her Head; See, she used to hang out with this voice named Ahrofo, and he was a Drem Frog, but then he went away, so she started hanging out with Banu, Jagan, and Mbengdok. She was so much fun to RP. n.n Anyway. Characters and stories (c) me.