Ori and the Second Mate

Marianne Cassidy

Since so many people found Ori and the Water Sprites funny, I have produced a nice angsty piece to balance it out. Ori is now on a ship. Hooray! This is the edited version, all comments and constructive criticism welcome!

Vhilwin's tale pt2

Hugo G. Damas

Vhilwin meets the human world.

Unholy Birth

Randell Embs

Read Genesis chapter six for more information.

Finding the Riddle

William Hutchinson

We follow David, a profound detective and his mystery solving adventures around the planet. Jan 18th update, i've been editing large chunks of this one out and putting some more diffirent bits in. Largely due to i'm trying to keep everything in order and seeming sensible, if ya know what i mean, so i've plotting about and all and changing it around to make it seem more 'in character' and such. It's not done properly yet, so some bits will probable be outta place. But no worries, i'm working on it:)

Vhilwin's tale pt1

Hugo G. Damas

A story going on in a world at war, about a warrior who was born from both sides

Nadir: Apollo's Story

Artemis Heart

Part four of Apollo's Story. All things come at a price, even that which one is meant to know... I'm not particularly happy with this one either, but I'm not complaining...much.

Angel of the Night part 4

Tayla Waterworth

Lorenz continues on his desperate and melancholic journey, passing briefly through the life of a 'working girl'.

An Elven Massacre

Sabrina Belfast Bailey

After my friend's sister passed away two years ago, he was very distraught. She had so much to live for. I wrote this for both of them and presented it as a birthday gift. You should have seen his face.

Samurai Eien: Part 2

Michael Kaplan

The next part of the novel introduces the novels strangest character, Kaii.

Angel of theNight part 3

Tayla Waterworth

Lorenz's story continues, this time told through the eyes of a lonely young artist.

Angel of the Night (part 1)

Tayla Waterworth

This was orginally a kind of sequel for what happened in my novel Lord of Darkness. However, it is pretty much a stand-alone story now, as I much prefer Lorenz to any other character I've ever created. This is only the first chapter - it's a work in progress. (And it's in the horror category because none of the others really fit).

Samurai Eien: Part 1

Michael Kaplan

This is the first part of a hybrid Sci-Fi/Fantasy I have been writing. It follows the adventures of Eien, a young samurai with a special power, who si fighting to survive the second, 'last stand of the samurai.'


Sara Dungavell

You should be glad, I got rid of a terrible pun I was going to put in here, see if you can guess what it was going to be.

The Willow 02

Katherine Bates

The realm of the fae, a new threat beckons on the horizon and the job can only be done by an assasin. The third and fourth chapters (the second was included in the first). The assassin's position is appointed and Marty calls on a favour from family. Hope it lives up to the first one.


Janice Gibson

Nation Novel Writers Month 07: “But, Chief… This sport, these beasts it doesn’t involve luck, chance, or a God itself. Mater of fact the Devil himself has claimed them as pawns savage, carnivorous, and blood thirsty.” Quote From Chapter 1