Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.

A Brook of Frozen Glass

Leigh Erickson

Hmm... not quite sure how o describe this one... might blossom into something bigger... I quite like Ilieth... but anyway... this is for Gabs for either 500 or 750th commenter status... though I think she got both... regardless... it's for her and I'm glad to do as such! Oh yes... one warning before you begin... I think I dub this the darkest of my writings...

Lady Winter

Elizabeth Steen

I'm a lover of nature, and nature inspires me greatly. Another time I may show Lady Autumn to the woods, but for now *waves her wing* I introduce thee to Lady Winter.

Fire and Water Chapter One

Cheyenne Kai

The first chapter of my novel about a boy who finds out that he is not human, and is forced to fight for both sides in a war for Earth's survival.

Who Remembers Persephone? (Part Two)

Cullen Groves

The second half of the story of Josif and Danel and their team of icewalkers... Though they've reached the base of the mountains, they must now surmount that challenge, and others moreover.

A Metamorphosis...of Sorts...

Amanda Van Fleet

It's not exactly a fairy tale...but more like the metamorphosis. It's sad, involves transformation, but can have a happy ending...if you want it to...

Ice Heart

Becca Lusher

In the aftermath of the events of Blitzkrieg NawaquĂ­ struggles with the alien concepts of love and guilt. Like everything else though, he is determined to over come it. Some might say his methods are extreme - he simply does what's necessary. Yet not everything is that straight forward... is it, Zao? Final installment of Alyssa's stories, because this has to be yours, but not everything in this setting ^_^ I'd be writing you stories forever else.

Ch 3 The Circle of Ice & Fire

Alice "Muffin Girl" Smith

Yeah... sorry 'bout that.--- Foreign Terms: --- Naysay: No Yeasay: Yes Wen'kian: little white worm guys, maybe the size of a Golden Retriever Ro'kian: Rockies and their Riders(Last updated: May 2005) (10 pages in three parts; 6,500 words total)

Answering Fire's Call

Jen French

A Poem: A battle between fire and ice.

The Lady of the North

Imelda Weijers

A short story I wrote for a contest for Renderosity Magazine - Issue 8. Theme: A Winters Tale. The biggest problem I had was staying within the limit of 1000 words. It meant I had leave a lot out of it. I've rewriten the story, put everything I had to take out back in. You can read the Extended Version here (Image created by myself, using Poser and Photoshop)


Jen OCarroll

A short poem inspired by the story of the ice queen. Make of it what you will.

The Blessed Kiss on Winter

Christina Stoppa

Well the frigid winter is on its way. This is a piece of poetry written as a tribute to the season. The illustration shows the spirit of winter about to draw the warmth out of a young elf with a kiss.


Jessica Zimdars

Eh, i really wasn't sure what to call this, so i'm jsut putting it under it's working title.

Rebellion Part 04

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci learns more of a history about the world that surrounds her.

Winter Garden

Iris Joyner

This is a little poem I wrote while drawing a picture for my character Talis. He's an elf that was an orphan, walked into town all covered in blood, rejected by everyone except a rich half elven woman who hands him over to a kind old lady. Later he freezes the town as well as the WHOLE 5 thousand acre countryside. The poem mainly relates to his past and the garden he owns in memory.


Jessica Hunt

This is my first attempt at a short story. It was written based off of a poem I wrote.

Storm Bound ch1

Jake Thomas

My first attempt at horror/fantasy. I've never been a fan of standard horror movie cliches, so I wanted to do something scary and unpredictable. Except its not totally unpredictable, as that would be too predictable! The story is about a small village militia on the hunt for a band of Wildlings who raided there village. Meanwhile, a storm brewing

Storm Bound ch 3

Jake Thomas

Chapter 3. The hunters find a near-empty trappers cabin. Mission accomplished they prepare to return home.

Stormbound ch2

Jake Thomas

The hunters catch up to their quarry...


Sarah Martin

About a girl named Ivory and a boy named Zeek who run off.