The Marriage of Robin Goodfellow

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A fairly out-of-character scenario for everyone's favorite Puck! It's a slightly sloppy ballad I composed to be performed at his wedding in piece I've been working on with Ida for many a year. It may not all rhyme, but it does have mettre.

Arael 's Story (Ch 3)

Courtney Pulnik

Chapter 3 of Arael's Story

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c3-4)

Julia Hoekstra

Shadow Dancer - Prologue

Lindsay Lockhart

a recent novel i've started working on. shadow dancer is a working title.

Who Am I?

Fi MacNaughton

The character in this song suffered memory loss at the hands of technologically-induced amnesia...

Reflections I

Chester Copperpot

Where death, loss, pain, melancholy are as natural as living, perhaps even more so, identity no longer is important, what applies to one well built charachter whose expressions, emotions and whole being are opened up there is just as many more overlooked I wrote this half way throuhg this piece before continuing on, I think it expresses something of what I'm seekign to capture in my writing, hopefully it explains the story somewhat too

Identity--Part 1

Nicole Cipriani

April never knew much about herself... and never really wanted to, either. In this story, her life practicing the 'ignorance is bliss' method is suddenly crashed by a strange trio in the forest by her school who force her into a journey of self-discovery... and much, much more.

The <> Story

Alexandre Beland-Bernard

My basic premise when I started writing this story was that the worst kind of horror, the scariest thing that could happen to anyone, was to completely lose one's own identity. The first few paragraphs were consciously written; the rest came during a blackout (I was rather stoned I think). I think it came out okay nevertheless. This is one of the stories I put in my Creative Writing portfolio

Elitists Part 01

Amy AmesĀ“ Perkins

Yet another Tara McCarther story. This is probably the closest one to being completed. I worked on this exclusively while I was in Australia and I have about 17 front and back steno handwritten pages. You can tell where there was turbulence on the plane or we hit a bump in the van. Anyway....back to the description. I have more left to download but it all seemed too awkward a cut off point. Tara and William are returning to Tara's home when things go awry. Fantasy and Sci-Fi elements contained within. One interesting note is that the painting on my artwork site labeled 'crash' comes from this story. Critique and enjoy!

Motone (BlackJack's Origin)

E. Hanna

This one's dedicated to an old buddy, Camilla 'Motone' Whitney. It takes me a while, but I told you you'd get your own story.

chapter 17

Opal Parkison

Ghil learns more about herself that she thought she would ever need to know. Here is an element of backstory (huzzah for belated explanations!)

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c1-2)

Julia Hoekstra

Mirror (sh)

Jonathon Parker

A lost, unique android tries to cope with her lack of identity and purpose, along with these strange things called emotions that seem to be inside her, while making critical evaluations of humanity around her.

The Reluctant Unicorn

Erin Schmidt

This is, chronologically, the first of four fairy tales that I finished at about the same time. It's certainly not the best, but it has its moments.

Arael (Prologue and Ch 1)

Courtney Pulnik

The tale of Arael Rekulas, a young peasant who is mistaken for a missing prince.

Arael's Story (Ch. 2)

Courtney Pulnik

The second chapter in Arael's story

Golden Star, Silver Moon (c5-6)

Julia Hoekstra

Gears and Wires

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

This is the self-discovery story of one Theo Rab. There are a lot of hidden meanings to this - all the names were chosen for their meanings (check that out, if you like, and it may help a little.) There are also three quotes from the Book of Luke - see if you can find them. I'm not religious at all, but they fit. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments given.

Walking on words by I write things now - constructive critisism wanted please

James Roquefort Beardhart

Walk on my words and into my mind, follow my words and you may reverse construct my words into brainwaves you can read with your mind. I assure you you will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Pls critique

Forgotten Identity Chapters 4 & 5

Chani Petro