Allison Starkweather

Not sure what to say about this one...I wrote it for a contest, and it had to be less than 1,000 words, which was HARD. It's not my favorite, I've gotten better since I wrote it, but it's still a nice little story.

To Have Wept. Chapter III.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter may be about falling in love... or trying not to fall in love... or hiding from love.. or something.

To Have Wept. Chapter II.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter is probably one of the most important and yet one of the most simple and non-eventful. I think it gets easier to read from here on... ^.^

Killers are Quiet

Kevin Hosein

The morbid articulate narrative of a rebel whom has crossed the line.

Into the Darkness - Chapter 4

Matthew W Stewart

I had a bit of fun with this one, at least in the first half of it. The second as you'll see murmurs of a turn in the tale.



A rebel/terrorist has been caught and convicted to 'slave'-labour on distant colonies. But who is actually closer to reality? A Homeverse story.

The Forgotten

Corianne Wilson

This story came into being after reading an article about how 'adult' orented our society is; children and elders tend to be pushed into the margins. It made me think of the many wonderful friends I have living in rest homes, and wondered what it would be like for them if they didn't have anybody to take care of them. This story is what resulted.


Kim Schoonover

What explanation does this really need? But yes, this story does have a point. That point is to prove the point that stories don't necessarily have to have a point.

The Forest Tale

Christine Choquet

Wrote this in my English class. It's not that good, but I'm curious to know what other people think of it.

To Have Wept. Chapter I.

Charly Strawberry

This is quite a long story. So it's obviously pretty difficult to read all at once - That is why I have broken it up into chapters. I've since made changes to this, as I had some complaints of it being a bit wordy. And I agreed. I'll update the other chapters, too, eventually. I hope it's more 'user-friendly' now. ^^ I tried to keep the original aims in place, however. It's kind of poetic and pretty to read. That's what I hope, anyway. Woo. Enjoooy.

Brea's Diary

Jess Hickman

Lobo has been missing for a few days. Brea decides it's time to find out what happened. (This story is detacated to a friend who became sick shortly before I began writing it, Padaway. I hope she enjoys it.)

A second Chance

Melissa Jensen

A young soldier, considered a runt and a goner, encounters a dangerous creature that is more than what it seems, and must survive an illness like nothing ever known.

Head Cold

Jenny Olivera

The challenge was to write about somebody in a fantasy world being affected by an illness of some kind. The person who suggested it suggested doing something more severe/rare than the flu or a cold, but I just couldn't resist this.

Chapter 2 (The Letter)

Joanna Wu

Here continues the story of Talin as she receives a letter from her father.

Taro's Journey, part 2

Melissa Carter

This makes slightly more sense than part one. Okay, pronunciations! Kurayko - koo RY koh Seladonae - sell a(like in 'hat') doh NAY Kiamika - kee AH mi ka Teaasha - tee AH sha

The Awakening: Prologue

Bea Jennings

Kyran fell sick with a strange illness many years ago and woke up in a new, and strange, land. He was adopted by a Forest Family and has been living with them ever since, never questioning his past but always haunted by visions. This is the prologue, or more the epilogue. It is set after the story itself, but Kyran reads his adventure in a book that he wrote about his little quest.

Fading Chapter 1

Catherine Smith

I've decided after some persistent 'encouraging' from the lovely Emma Mcdonald to get round to revising my book. Whether I will finish is another matter though. (I'm lazy ok!) Hopefully by posting in order this time things will make sense! (maybe anyway). I'm constantly revising and revising and trashing and sobbing and revising this book so any constructive criticism is very welcome.

Autumn Mists

Lars Hellberg

This is a story about Robby, a boy whose illness makes him question his place in the world.

The Sickness

Alice Raven

I wrote this when in a kind of black mood. It's set sometime in the near future, a mixture of sci-fi/horror in an unnamed town in America, and there is not really any advances in technology, but a meteor brought an unnamed illness to Earth, and this is a single story of the brutal way we dealt with those infected. Not for the squeamish - violence throughout.

The Potion

April Bloom

'I need you to get me something... This isn't going to be easy.' Zebulon said to the traveller. 'I don't care, I need that potion for my mother. She's been sick too long. Tell me what I have to do.' The traveller replied. The wizard then started describing what had to be done. All Apologies!!!>> This is a story I wrote for a project in English. It's a bit old... Sorry if you get annoyed because the syllables are messed up and aren't even. I don't really work like that, I write what sounds right... Sorry if it doesn't... Oh and if you don't understand how she went from her bed to the beach then she was telelported by Zebulon... Ok, to explain a bit. The traveller is looking for a cure for her mother who has a illness... Of some kind... And yeah... She travells to find Zebulon and he then sends her on this quest. If you know me or are in my English class (None of you probably are...) you will know that this isn't actually the story. I had to adapt it because the poem wouldn't make sense otherwise... Don't ask... (I will probably change this later... Depends if I can be bothered. Oh and if you are all screaming at me to change it, I probably will...)Thanks!!!>> Thanks to my teacher, Miss. Nantongwe. I really enjoyed this project. Very fun! I have to give credit to my mum aswell (she has taught me to be the person I am. Plus I've got my quaint British accent off her!) and also my old teacher Mr. Duda (he has taught me lots about English. He has really helped me a lot. He was a majorly cool teacher!). Oops! Almost forgot Chris and Doug! Thanks for putting up with my talking in English. I know that I drove you crazy reading out my poem every five seconds... :D