Portrate of Colg

Darin Barnes

Colg doing what he does best.

Chapter 2

Sadaf Niaz

Misha is back finally! I think that I had the most fun writing this chapter, so far, though there is one other that I really like. I has a new MC that no one has seen yet. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

The Unfinished Swordling Journal

Jenna Anderson

I dug through some old stuff I'd written and found this... And after I looked over it I decided to post it up here. Enjoy, and if there are any typoes, please tell me.

Chimera's Eye

Eric Woodend

This is a story involving strange and magical people in a modern setting. It is mostly about Benedict, a boy who has yet to discover many, many things about the world of magic. It is an ONGOING story and therefore incomplete.

Bless Your Heart

William Clayton

A fairy sort of sang this song to me, long ago...

Dark Legacies: Chapter 4 - Temptation

B Trimble

The knight in training, Darius Sommer, heads alone into the Swamps of Valitis. What he finds tests more than just his combat ability.


If you have a weak stomach or recently ate something, I advise you not read this. The idea of this came to my mind while I was swinging in the dark above snow-covered ground one night.9th


Gina Nigro

When the reality is challenged by hope and illusion.. do you dare believe?

I Spin the Illusions

Heather Martin

A typically depressing poem. Fairly light, compared to my norm.

Realm of Illusions (Chapter 1)

Jeremy Parker

This is a story I have worked on for about 5 years now. I felt as though it was going no where, so I started over...please let me know how I'm doing. Welcome...to my world.

Through the Looking Glass... (poem)

P. Abrell

Iambic pentameter. Blank verse. About a certain strange natural phenomenon: mirrors.


Lily Archer

Ryan, a changeling schoolboy with a penchant for vivid illusions, brings his would-be friend Naimah into his private world for the second time. Except from my 2011 NANOWRIMO.

The Black Rose Part 2 - Bakator

Andrew Law

Yay!! the second part is UP!! wooo! lol yea im a lil crazy this arvo...but you get that occasionally. I suddenly had the inspiration one afternoon infront of the RUGBY of all places!!and so i wrote it down, modified it a lil and tadaaa!! we have another chaptery thing...i hope you enjoy it!

Almar Gothurdle and the Silver Bane: Chapter 1

Jermaine Joseph

I was on the train one day, coming from work, when I started to think on a film I had been watching earlier on. The name of the actual film eludes me, but I do remember the pipe in mouth, the long coat and strange cap of Sherlock Holmes. I began to think on what it would be like to implement magic into such a character, and then decided that it would be too sombre. By th time I got home, I'd decided that I would create a comical story, with magic and mystery; a story that still did not lose the essence of Sherlock Holmes. Well, I don't know what came from it, as a writer is an ill critique of his own work but here it is... so enjoy.

The Third Chronicle of Lawrence Craine Part One

Jym Greenfield

Lawrence is a street performer and an illusionist, these chronicles are about his experiences in the city of Eudaelia. Each chronicle is independant of each other, and chronology is largely not importent.

One Of Fire

Megan Perez

Well...I did have a description for this story... But my mind went blank when I started typing. Just read it.

A Deadly Illusion

Jennifer Meadows

Metallicus and Katanya separate...

Dellirious illusions

Tom Muyldermans

Well it was like 3 in the morning and I suddenly started writing this vague complicated poem; no I am not a psychopath ;) Or atleast that's just my opinion... It has something to do with some entity or something I guess, but then again... how would I know???

Zherene: Part One

Danielle Wheelis

This is part one of the story about Zherene. An Illusionist and master thief, Zherene uses her magic and skills to pull off an impressive heist.

Illusory existence

Andrew Watson

An old lady goes about her business in an all-to-perfect house and garden before revealing the reality of her existence.