The Sea and the Palm Tree

Kristin Molle

If you've ever looked at my art gallery, there's a picture of a girl resembling a palm tree, and a blue-ish dragon. (yes, it's colored now!). Anyways, that picture was rather mediocre as things went, so to make up for it, I wrote this. The poetry itself isn't that exciting, but I still felt rather clever about the idea. I'll just hope two so-so's make a 'good'! =) I haven't gotten the illustration html to work yet, so just visit my gallery for the accompanying picture!

The Lorynth Gryphon

Christina Stoppa

This is just a poem about a gryphon... The Lorynth Gryphon to be exact.


Mary Bailey

The magic of art brought to life with focused imagination. Is it in the artist's hands or in the eye of the beholder?

The Lufa Journeys, part one

Melissa Carter

Warning: Pretty dern violent. Graphic, maybe. I still think it's some of my best work! :P Hard to describe, ya gotta read it to get it.

Chapter One, Wit's World: Never Was by Elizabeth Watasin

Elizabeth Watasin

WHEN THE DARING twins try to save their home from demolition by their powerful theme park neighbor, Pip vanishes. Risking a bold rescue mission, Em follows her steps into a mysterious mirror version of the park called NEVER WAS. As she draws closer to her sister she begins to unravel long lost secrets of the park, secrets someone is willing to protect with deadly force. To find her way home, Em must face unknown peril as she tries to answer the park’s fateful directive: Find the Heart of it All, Find the Heart of Never.Wit's World: Never Was by Elizabeth Watasin is a Free online serial novel available to readers while the story is being illustrated. Visit and enjoy, 

The Imperial Theme of Faeryë

Tali Tjiang

this is a short story explaining how powerful the Faeryës of Allä are, and how strict they are about tradition. It's a literay illustration of a song I created last year in music class, and in my art gallery on Elfwood I have a picture of a cd cover I made for this song. The inspiration for the song came from a poem I made, which is called, "Faeryë Aga" It is a spoken lullaby which is further explained in the short story below.

Minotaur Lullaby -- poem, illlustration

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. A lullaby from my own 'universe' of minotaur people. From the Arluun clan, great singers.